Soul artist, Travis Mally is one a kind! Not only is he inspirational but he is said to be music’s “Best Kept Secret.” He is an ASCAP award-winning artist, singer/songwriter, and producer that has blessed us with his soulful lyrics and genius capabilities as an artist. It is clear why Malloy’s thought-provoking lyrics has truly given him the love and attention he has gotten over the span of his career. We caught up with Travis Malloy to discuss what made him want to get into the music industry, artists that have been influential to him, and his single “World Go Round.

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to get into the world of music in the first place?

Im a visionary! A man of great faith. I’m someone who’s not afraid to take chances. Specifically for things pertaining to what I’m passionate about! Music! The stage! The studio! Bringing songs to life! I fell in love with music in church. I think that’s the story of almost every big artist. Watching the musicians. Watching the choir and the lead singers, made me wanna perform. When i saw what simple lyrics and melodies can do for a life, I immediately wanted to be involved.  

You have worked with many artists in your career. Is there a favorite that you have worked with thus far?

I’ve worked with so many artists. Which I’m grateful about. But i must say one of my favorites was working with Fred Hammond. A legend. An icon in the music business who i believe has impacted lives all over the world in every genre! I have to add Stevie J as well. On the production side. I’ve been in the studio and created with him. A man from the church who expanded and has produced some of the biggest R&B songs in the world. So to come together and be able to use all we learned in church and create love songs, i think is incredible! 

Which artists have been the most influential to you in your career?

This is tough. I must say a mixture between Charlie Wilson and John P. Kee. Uncle Charlie is one of the generals of R&B. A lot of people say we sound alike… i can definitely hear that. Haha.. I’ve totally studied his approach to music and everything he does on stage. John P Kee is revolutionary because he brought that R&B soul, Teddy Riley (New Jack Swing) approach to gospel… totally pushing  the limits..  as you can tell, i love anything cross genre. Music is music. As long as it’s positive, it can change a life and ultimately save a life! 

Tell us about your single, “World Go Round.” What inspired the creation of this hit track? 

Sometimes i go through these phases where for weeks, I’ll listen to morning but 80’s / 90’s music. I was listening to Bébé and Cece Winans “Addicted Love,” After 7’s “Heat of The Moment,” and Teddy Riley’s entire catalog.. i said to myself… we need this music back! It made people happy. It made people want to love. Dance, smile, create! So i got inspired, jumped in my bag and there you go! 3am, in my bedroom; “World Go Round” was created! I wanted to create a song that could last forever! You have some songs that are hot for the summer: I tried making something you’ll never forget. 

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Featured Image by IRoQ Photograph