If you look up the definition of driven, dedicated, hard-working, you will see the name, Pasha Carter. She’s a woman who knows the rules and engagement of sales and leadership. Being around her is truly a breath of fresh air.

When you wake up every day, what are your main goals?

I wake up every day with the desire to help someone succeed in business, and life.  I have helped thousands of people around the globe build successful businesses, become top speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and leadership experts.

You are so passionate about helping others. Why?

My business mentor was 26 years old and earning more in one month than I earned all year working 2 jobs at the time.  At the young age of 23, he taught me how to lead, and how to build a successful business.  He taught me how to fish, he never gave me a fish. 

I know what it feels like not to have money.  I know what it feels like to be afraid of being evicted. I know what it feels like to lose someone that you love. I know what it feels like to lose everything and want to quit.  

I also know what it feels like to bounce back and achieve your wildest dreams, travel the world, and go from nothing to building a multi-million dollar business.

I want everyone who has the desire to know that.

Tell us about your businesses? 

I am on the Expert Panel at Forbes Magazine,

I am a speaker on topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, team building, and relationships

I am a Direct Sales professional where I have built an organization of over 100,000 people, built a multi-million dollar business,  and earned millions in personal income.

Pasha Carter is known domestically and internationally for being brilliant, zealous, and full of life! She’s also known for helping people grow financially and professionally. This woman helps people LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES!

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All images provided by Pasha Carter