Insecure actress and producer Issa Rae is making big moves in the entertainment industry. According to many sources the California native recently ink a five-year deal that will be valued at $40 million over the five-year partnership with WarnerMedia. This deal will give HBO, HBO Max and Warner Bros. television exclusive rights to Rae’s work in television plus a first-look film deal that includes WarnerMedia brands, such as Warner Bros. Pictures Group, New Line and HBO Max.

In an exclusive with Variety Rae shares, “It’s really exciting to have that flexibility and just deepen the relationship that we already have,” Rae tells Variety for the publication March cover feature. “Hoorae already had at least 15 projects in various stages of development with them, so we’d been working with them on the drama side, the unscripted side, and the documentaries side for a couple years now.”

Rae adds, “When people believe in you and build with you, I tend to want to further that relationship. That’s just been a staple of mine with so many of the people that I work with.”

Rae has come a long way from her YouTube web series Awkward Black Girl she’s now making boss moves and cashing out big her journey truly inspiring and shows us all to never be afraid to start. The only way not to succeed is to never start. We are proud of Rae’s accomplishments and wish her much more success.