If you’re ever in the Philadelphia area or simply browsing online, you have to check out this powerful Mother-Daughter duo who owns Glam Boutique. Myra & Dana, the Mother-Daughter duo of this brand are known for providing women the look and feel that celebrities have on an affordable budget. Whether you’re looking for extensions, getting your hair done, or just shopping for the trendiest styles, these ladies can help you. After talking with the two, I found out how inspired and proactive they are in making their business grow and how they make it work as a family business.

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What does Glam Boutique mean to your family and what inspired the business?

Well one thing is that there is a need for better quality. The brand is centered on family. We have many family members who work with us. Of course you have daughter glam and mama glam and we just make it work for all of us.

What inspired you guys to branch from hair to retail?

Well, when we first went into business, we wanted to do both. We love the fact that girls want both great hair and clothing. What jump started the retail was when a space opened up near us, we jumped right on it. We took advantage of where we were as far as location because there are not too many options in the area. We seized the opportunity and the moment to do what we’ve always wanted to do. We provide affordable clothing that’s trendy, sexy and stands out. One issue that women have is that at the shopping malls, clothes are so expensive. So for us, being able to provide these clothing’s to women that celebrities inspire is the best of both worlds.

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Singer Jazmine Sullivan rocking the Glam Extensions

With all your success in Philadelphia and online, do you guys see yourselves branching nationwide?

Absolutely! We want to lock down Philadelphia and get all the places touched here so that we know what we’re doing. Of course we want to branch out our brand to other places such as Atlanta, Miami, L.A and more. So were definitely looking to branch further.

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With it being Fall/Winter, maintaining hair can be a bit tough. Tell me two of the most important hair care tips for women this season.

The most important thing is maintenance. If you don’t have the right conditioners, shampoos, edge control (laughs) it’s going to be hard to maintain your hair. The maintenance is a key step for your hair. You have to have the right products. As far as the second tip, wondering what hair to wear this season is important. Most women have no idea what they want to wear. We would recommend women to be versatile with their hair. Try some different styles.

On a daily basis, what’s a day in the salon like for you?

Well, it can be kind of hectic because we have women coming in for many things. We have women come in to buy hair, get their hair done and women who are in between shopping for clothes and getting their hair done. It’s like controlled chaos (laughs). We have new customers and we have returning customers. With the returning customers it’s good because they recommend our products to new customers. It’s like a big family and friendly environment.

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Of course we all know working with family can be a challenge. How do you two as mother and daughter work together to defeat the challenges of working as a family?

Well it is a little challenging when you’re working with family. As long as you put the business first and mother-daughter to the side you can make it work. It takes a lot of trust and two people that want to succeed. When you have that, it can work. When you have all the key elements with each other, it can work with each other. Communication is key in a family business!

What’s one thing that you want your customers to remember when they leave your store?

We want them to feel like they’ve gotten a great experience. We want them to be treated how we would want to be treated when we go to another business. We don’t want them to feel like they came and spent a lot of money and didn’t get what they wanted. We let our customers know that we are always one phone call away. We want to know how they look in the product, so we encourage them to send us pictures and more. We are building relationships to last and not just a shop and leave environment. We have customers who remember us from when we started and they see that we are still here. We are both providing a service in which they help us grow and we help them to look and feel better.
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