Our hair goes through a lot. From color treatments to heat styling to being drenched in toxic products, oftentimes we get caught up in the taming of our hair and we lose sight of actually tending to it. Good hair care plays a major role in our hair health and growth, therefore securing a robust hair routine is critical.

If you’re experiencing itchiness, oily scalp, dandruff, or an increase in hair loss, then it may be time for a hair detox. Giving your hair a fresh start with a detox that deeply cleanses the scalp and hair, might be just what you need for your hair follicles to flourish at their maximum potential. Our hair frequently needs a detox just as much as our diet, and this includes having the right essentials by your side!

I recently tried Maria Nila’s new Eco Therapy Revive series. The 3-step detox line is organic and certified by Ecocert, which means that the ingredients are organically-farmed: produced without chemicals, fertilizers, or artificial agents. All Maria Nila products are vegan, animal-friendly, eco-friendly, and color protecting, making for clean and effective hair care.

Based in Sweden, Maria Nila Stockholm is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free hair care brand that provides high-quality professional products, while pushing for a “friendlier world.” With a love for hair and our planet, the brand supports and raises donations for various wildlife causes throughout the year. In honor of Earth Day, Maria Nila sent me their newest collection and made a promise to donate to The Sloth Institute. On a mission to create a more sustainable and ethical world, Maria Nila’s products are never tested on animals, their formulas are environmentally-friendly, and the packaging is climate compensated, just to name a few.

Now, let’s get into the collection.

After my first use of the Eco Therapy Revive products, I was assured that the hair truly thrives off of hydration and a clean scalp. To have a true experience with the range, I forfeited the use of my typical apple cider vinegar rinse for product build up, and I have to say after using the products I was very pleased. With conventional oil and dandruff control shampoos, I find that a lot of times my hair is left feeling dry and stripped of moisture, so I was excited to have a refreshing experience with Maria Nila’s Eco Therapy Revive Shampoo. For my oily, 3c/4a type hair, I always shampoo twice, and I did the same with the reviving shampoo that has a delicate, sweet and floral scent. Immediately after, my hair was squeaky clean and super soft.

Made with restoring botanical proteins and micellar technology, the shampoo easily removes dirt, product buildup, and oils while hydrating the hair and scalp. Maria Nila notes that a composition of hydrolysed kale protein, carrot protein, and lemon protein is blended to increase moisture in the hair. Micellar is a multipurpose cleansing product made up of dual solubility “micelles” that basically capture and, with water, get rid of unwanted dirt and oils without overdrying the hair. Micellar is gentle and non-irritating, making it safe for all hair types. Maria Nila’s reviving shampoo foams pretty easily and I like that I only need a couple of squeezes to get my thick hair sudsy.

After shampooing, I then rinse and apply Maria Nila’s Eco Therapy Revive Masque thoroughly throughout my hair. This aloe vera extract-infused, deep conditioning treatment hydrates and moisturizes the scalp, while also reducing frizz and dryness.

Earlier this year, I tried another hair mask for the very first time. It was a petrolatum-like texture, and even after what felt like hours of rinsing it out of my hair, it left a waxy residue that made my hair so hard to work with and stiff. What I love about the moisturizing Eco Therapy Revive Masque is that it’s creamy and lightweight, and it softens the hair leaving it silky rather than sticky. Maria Nila notes that all of their masks have a pH of 5-5.5 which is the natural pH level of our skin and hair. The reviving mask rebalances the hair and scalp, and can be particularly beneficial for dull, dry, and heat damaged hair.

After leaving the mask on for about five minutes, I rinse it out completely and then follow up with Eco Therapy Revive Conditioner. Focusing more on the hair strands, I brush the conditioner through my hair, let it sit for about 2 minutes, then rinse completely with cool water. This nourishing conditioner is also packed with plant-based proteins and Aloe Vera extract, sealing the deal for stronger and noticeably revived hair.

After completing the 3-step regimen, my curls looked refreshed and the dryness that my scalp previously had, had been alleviated. Needless to say, trying out the Eco Therapy Revive line is definitely what my hair needed for an all-in-one detox experience. And if you’re looking to liven your hair, or make the switch to an organic wash ritual, I would encourage you to do the same. The reviving line is also formulated with linseed extract for those with color-treated hair. This ingredient keeps the color fresh, vibrant, and protected from UV radiation and free radicals. With Maria Nila’s organic products that are genuinely good for your scalp, hair, and the environment, what’s not to love? It’s totally worth the investment. Give your hair the detox it deserves!

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