At just 18-years old, Jai Nice packed up her bags and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming a full-time entrepreneur, fashion designer, and creative director. Nice created her own clothing brand, Kloset Envy and people cannot quit raving over the brand. It was only a matter of time before the internet fell head over heels for the young, hard working woman for her personality and beautiful creations. We sat down with Jai Nice to get the scoop on what it was like to start up her own business from the ground up.

Who is Jai Nice at her core?

I’m a creative director and designer for Kloset Envy. I put the photo shoots together, I design the clothes, I create content, I kind of just do it all.

Can you tell us how the idea for your clothing brand, Kloset Envy came about?

The idea came about just by me wanting to create something fun, fashionable, and affordable for the everyday working woman. I noticed that many people wanted help putting looks together. I basically put together a whole look and help style people while I’m selling the clothing pieces. I simply wanted people to be fashionable without even saying anything. I want the outfit, the complete look, and the clothing to speak for themselves.

What was your journey like starting up Kloset Envy?

I started about seven years ago and it was very difficult when I started because I didn’t go to school for business or have any training on how to run a business. When I started, it was like I was teaching myself everything. If I ran into any problems, my best bet was to use Google. Hiring employees, learning about labor laws, and how to fully structure a business, it was very difficult because I’m also a mom. Also, when I first started, I didn’t have a photographer or models. I was the model, I was the photographer, I was packing orders, I was doing everything all by myself when I first started. As the company started growing, I had to learn about employees and how to make them happy while shopping for clothes and designing them. To this day, its still difficult because you must be consistent, even more than I was seven years ago. Fashion is changing every second so I must stay on top on my creations.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who have the same dream you have?

I would say stay consistent. Consistency is key. Work hard and don’t let anyone discourage your dreams. You may see someone else living out your dreams but don’t get discouraged because everyone’s journey is different. God has a plan for everybody. Work hard, stay consistent and be self motivated. Don’t look for a thousand supporters, be your own support system. Love what you’re doing and while doing so, make sure you’re doing it for yourself. You have to genuinely love it in order to be successful.

How were you able to start up your own clothing brand without investors, loans, or financial help from your family?

I started by selling every piece of clothing, bag, and every shoe I had in my closet. Once I did that, I started by buying vintage clothes. Every time I bought something, I put it on, took a picture, and it sold. Every money I made back for the first four years of my company, I didn’t spend it. Everything in the business started paying for itself. I was able to do this without any type of investments because it all paid for itself. I knew that I had bigger goals than to just buy something for myself, I kept remembering to invest it all in the business.

When you envisioned, Kloset Envy, what did you see?

You know, I honestly don’t know. I was so busy with building the brand and getting it out there that I really didn’t have time to sit back to think about how successful it would be. It was my passion, I don’t think I was really focused on the success that would come from it.

How did you know this is what you’re destined to be in your career?

Fashion has been my passion since middle school. When we had our dress down days, I would cut up my jeans and shirts or throw paint on my clothes, I was just always creative when it came to getting dressed. I couldn’t afford to buy new outfits so that was my way of creating something new for myself.

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