Jayda Cheaves may be best known for her trendy fashion statements, girl boss movements, and raw personality, but the new and first time mom, has a lot to say about the struggles of motherhood and the best way to combat this while also trying to build an empire! As if being a mom isn’t enough of a task, Jayda balances being a supportive girlfriend of the Quality Control rapper and songwriter, Lil Baby.

The now 21 year old millionaire, author, YouTuber, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and mom, has become one of social media’s prime influencers with partnerships with Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, GSU WOO, and many others who partner with Jayda for her beauty/fashion reviews. Jayda has become a successful public figure by mentoring upcoming girl bosses on how to create and maintain their businesses using what she has learned from her many successful ventures and platforms. Jayda sat down with me to share her experience with being a new mom and managing the business life while constantly having to be on the road.

How do you balance staying on top of your own schedule as an entrepreneur while maintaining a home life?

I think all mothers will constantly struggle with balance, especially new moms. The trick is to not be so hard on yourself. I also have great people around me that will help out if needed. It really does take a village. Baby LA is also willing to come along for the ride if needed. He was just with me for a Meet & Greet and he was so well behaved.

What are some great work outs, dieting and sleep schedules for new moms that you used?

I recently got back in the gym so I’m trying to get on top of my fitness game. Look out for some new videos/photos on my YouTube and IG. But I think every mom knows your sleep schedule is dependent on your baby. I sleep when my baby sleeps.

What are some ways you were able to handle postpartum trouble?

My postpartum was horrible. I thought something was wrong with me. I didn’t even realize it was postpartum. For me, bonding with my baby helped a lot. Baby LA is so happy all the time, and as a mom, that makes me happy. I would also say it’s important for moms to take care of themselves. Try to find ‘you’ again and do what makes you happy. Don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t feel like you’re the only mom in the world to ever experience this.

How did you overcome any issues arising with possible body shaming statements?

The internet can be very cruel. I learned that before I even had my baby. So I was already adjusted with the possibilities of negative commentary, backlash, etc. I learned to ignore and not respond. I block anyone who is bad for my energy.

How do you handle having to be on the road a lot and mommy duties as well as being a supportive girlfriend to rapper Lil Baby?

My booking schedule is so crazy. My team works really hard to keep me busy, and sometimes I feel bad, but then I have to remind myself that I am doing all this for my baby. When I am traveling, my mom helps out a lot. She is amazing! But I make sure that when I am home, it’s like I never left. My entire schedule goes to my baby. I don’t want him to notice that mommy’s not around. Being a girlfriend to a rapper, is much like being a girlfriend to anyone else. You show your partner that you care, support their dreams, and stay in their corner. Of course, my experience may be a tad different and may come with perks, but it comes with some major adjustments as well. But overall, as a girlfriend in general you just have to stay in your man’s corner and show him that you’re there for him regardless.

Has anything changed with your business since the birth of Baby LA?

Of course. When I got pregnant, I made the decision to hold off on a lot of my business efforts to make sure that I could be the best mom. I’m a new mom so I didn’t want to have so much on my shoulders trying to figure this out, while still making it to meetings, bookings, etc. I had to make sure I got the mommy part right first – that was really important to me. Now that Baby LA is getting older, I do feel more comfortable getting back to my business, and now I feel like I go so much harder because I know exactly who I’m doing all this for. I’ve grown up a lot.

What upcoming events or projects are you involved in?

I have so much I’m doing. People are going to see big business from Jayda in 2020. I’m working on a building – can’t share too much about the details but I want people to be able to come and actually visit all my hard work in person. I also have a mentorship program that I am working on. I’m really passionate about talking to teen girls about their goals and businesses so I want to expand on that.

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