Designer, Jimmy Burner is a young man with a passion for fashion! At just Recently, Burner became the youngest CFDA fashion designer to showcase at New York Fashion Week! His line, Jimmy Jeans is a brand known among people all over the world! Just last month, the young designer debuted his new line Conscious Fashion in Los Angeles. We had to sit down with the ambitious man on the rise to discuss all the details! Tune into our exclusive interview with Jimmy Burner below!

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to pursue fashion as your career?

My name is Jimmy Burner and I started fashion in the eighth grade. I’ve always loved fashion, clothing, and style. I love to dress different and unique in order to show the conscious of my true self through my clothing.

I always wore things that were different, people would see it and try to do it. I just saw my influence in fashion so it made me want to take things to the next level.

You were the youngest CFDA Fashion Designer to show at New York Fashion Week, what did this mean to you?

It honestly means a lot to me because I feel like its a huge milestone for me! Secondly, it’s huge for my people. We’re breaking barriers in terms of fashion. We’re growing and taking over.

What inspired the creation of Jimmy Jeans. 

Jimmy Jeans was my first thing I ever made! It all came from the geometric of the ‘X.’ The ‘X’ is important to me because it was my first logo. I tried to incorporate it with my clothing. The X on knee allows you to breathe, run around, while being clean and fashion-forward.

Tell us about your new project, Conscious Fashion.

Conscious Fashion is honestly the new way of life. It’s all about being free and completely sustainable. It’s also saving the world that we all like to live in. People turn their blind eye to it because they believe that you can’t look fly if the clothes aren’t completely new. I just built a full collection to show others that you can still be fashionable and sustainable while still saving the planet.

What can we expect to see from Jimmy Burner in the future?

Just more boundaries being broken, more sustainable lines, more ventures with fashion, clothing, and being completely well-rounded in every facet of this crazy business.

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All images provided by Jimmy Burner