Bright Futures Atlanta hosted a night of impact with OWN TV’s If Loving You is Wrong star, Joel Rush also known as Officer Eddie.  The goal was to raise $500,000 or more to continue to expand the program that has been aiding and assisting the growth of inner-city children since 2002 when the organization was formed.

Bright Futures Atlanta aims to promote the spiritual, academic, and physical growth of its youth. Phillip and Gail Ross are the founders who decided to relocate just to answer a higher calling of helping those less fortunate. Bright Futures Atlanta has witnessed under-served youth of the community become self-sufficient, successful young people in college, military, and full-time employment.

In a brief interview, Joel Rush spoke about his college NCAA experience and how sports saved his life. The discussion continued with how fulfilling mentoring the youth is for him personally and why he’s so passionate about helping. Don’t think we didn’t slide a few questions from If Loving You is Wrong in the mix! Joel discusses his role on the show and released exclusive details about the upcoming seasons.

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