Award-winning director, producer, and screenwriter, Josh A. Webber is best known for his admirable work and dedication in the world of film. Webber, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia graduated from NYFA in New York City and made his big move to Los Angeles in order to pursue his career. Since then, Webber has quickly made a name for his self and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Join in as we got to know Josh A. Webber.

Tell us about yourself. Did you always know that you would become a director, producer, and screenwriter?

I always loved movies growing up yet believed it was impossible to get into the business of actually making them. I used to go to the dollar cinema up the street with friends all the time and felt like movies were the ultimate escape from life for me. One day in college while trying to figure out my life, I did some soul searching and remembered my passion for film. Then quickly decided to start my pursuit which began with a schooling program in New York specializing in film then eventually made my way out to Los Angeles to find my career.

You have received numerous awards for commercials and feature films. Do you happen to have a favorite thus far you could tell us about?

One of my favorite films I have made thus far was a docu-narrative film titled “THERE IS MANY LIKE US”. The film covers a true untold story that took place during the holocaust about an incredible man named Max Fronenberg who spent one year digging a secret underground tunnel to escape from a prison camp saving 17 other prisoners in the process. He also was forced to leave the love of his life behind in the prison during his escape only to find her again over thirty years later in Canada and marry her. This story is very personal to me as the two individuals it centers around are actually my grandparents.

Do you have any advice for those who may want to enter into this world for a career?

My advice would be to first make a commitment to yourself that you are going to succeed then put yourself in a position to win. That means moving to a major city where there is an abundance of opportunity then hit every avenue daily until you find your version of success. It won’t be easy but if you put your head down, do the work and keep a positive outlook on everything as life unfolds then you will surely win on one level or another.

Are there any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

There are a few different narrative projects I am currently in the process of preproduction on titled HELP & HEAVENS MILEAGE at the moment which I can’t really go into too much detail on. However, we do have a narrative thriller project coming out soon titled DEAR FRANK and another documentary film titled AMERICAN RACKETS about the mafia controlled gambling rackets in New York City during the 1980’s and a conspiracy to kill one of the most notorious mob bosses of all time, John Gotti in which three men stood trial and ended up facing a combined prison sentence of over 170+ years in prison for their involvement.

What else can we expect to see from Joshua Webber in the future?

Ideally, I would like to work my way into the studio system and crank out some big budget blockbuster productions in the future. I always had my eyes on taking over the Transformers or Spiderman franchises at some point. Hopefully, if all goes as planned you can expect to see some incredible groundbreaking cinema!

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