It’s been a week since the Santa Fe High School shooting in which 13 people were wounded.

Eight students and two teachers were killed in the tragic event.

Now, it looks like Justin Timberlake is willing to do anything to bring a smile to one of his fan’s face.

Sarah Salazar was ecstatic when the Grammy-award winning singer sat alongside her hospital bed.

Sarah’s mother, Sonia Lopez-Puentes shared that her daughter is waiting to go under surgery for a shoulder replacement and currently has her jaw wired and will continue to for six weeks.

Sarah’s aunt created a GoFundMe account which stated that Salazar’s shoulder was shattered and her ribs were fractured from being shot. The total goal for the account is $60,000. So far, people have donated $21,327 in nine days!

Timberlake, who is currently touring for his latest album, Man of the Woods had a show in Houston when he decided to stop by and pay Sarah a visit.

Santa Fe High School will reopen today for the first time since the deadly shooting on May 18th.

Featured Image: Shutterstock