Rapper and designer, Kanye West is stepping into the world of beauty.

We have just learned that Kanye West has filed the trademark Yeezy which encompasses an array of cosmetics.

West is preparing to release a range of cosmetic products that include lip products, face, and eye makeup! Kanye has also trademarked skincare essentials such as eye creams, toners, facial creams, and more. It appears as if Kanye is headed into many aspects to beauty as well including hair, nails, perfume, and body!

The news of a beauty line comes just a few weeks after he filed the trademark (took place on June 2nd). Kanye West has not publically announced this new venture.

If you’re a true Yeezy fan then you know that West has previously dipped his toes in the beauty world back in 2017 when he filed to launch the beauty brands Donda Cosmetics – which is named after his late mother, who passed away in 2007.