We were first introduced to Katt Williams in the famous movie Friday After Next, which took off his career.

Williams will be featured in a new Christmas holiday film that shows a different type of movie role that we haven’t seen Williams act in previously.

Father Figures follows the journey of two brothers, Kyle (Owen Wilson) and Peter Reynolds (Ed Helms). The brothers take a road trip to find their biological father after learning from their mother that he is still alive.

Katt Williams plays the role of a hitch hiker, who promises he’s ‘definitely not a serial killer.’

Katt discussed the shortage of African American roles in major movies like this one and how joining the cast can open more doors. Williams briefly talks about his love life and how the ladies in his life have him in a happy place.

Check out this exclusive interview with Katt Williams below!

Be sure to catch Williams in his latest role in Father Figures, which will hit theaters on Christmas Day.

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