Are you ready for July 4th?!

Well, it’s two weeks away, so that’s “coming up” right? Oh, the anticipation. This year’s patriotic celebration falls on a Thursday, which means many of you (including me!) will not only have Thursday off but Friday as well…an unexpected and wonderful break, which will have to suffice up and through Labor Day. Yes, I’ll probably catch some fireworks, maybe a barbeque, but the dilemma of a long weekend always becomes the question of whether to do nothing and recuperate, sleeping and sleeping and eating, or to go on an adventure. With the extended weekend on the horizon, I plan on going about the latter option, taking a trip, escaping the city, maybe driving to a National Park for some fresh air and a good hike.

The last time I went on a hike, up in the Smokey Mountains, I was shamefully and dramatically underprepared. A light rain, not a downpour by any means, still ended up drenching my clothes after steadily falling throughout the day. My socks and shoes were soaked (even though I made sure to wear waterproof hiking boots) and so were my shorts, which ended up becoming my biggest dilemma. Once I finished and arrived back at my car, after pulling out my phone, it wouldn’t work! There I was, in the middle of Tennessee, without a map…or more specifically, without Google Maps. Regardless I eventually made my way back to the hotel, though it took an extra couple of hours, and for the most part ruined what would have been a beautiful drive through acre upon acre of forest.

This time I will not be so careless. You’re only as good as the tools at your disposal, and as it’s not really an option, not to have my phone on me, what becomes the best way to ignore my phone, without leaving it behind? The answer…the Keebos crossbody iPhone case.

Not just for hiking, the Keebos crossbody phone case impeccably mixes fashion with functionality, and is the perfect accessory to help you navigate any daily adventure while remaining hands-free (and stylish) without carrying a handbag or needing a pocket the size of a small planet. Whenever you’re on the go, whether out on the town with your friends, dog walking, shopping, on the subway…even rock climbing, your phone remains easily accessible, but won’t distract you from your present surroundings, as you won’t have to worry at all about the safety of your phone.

The Keebos crossbody iPhone accessory works just like you’d expect it to. Just place your iPhone into the slim, transparent case and wear the strap over your shoulder like a purse, cross-body, or even as a trendy phone necklace. You can adjust the length by pulling on the strap. This phone case with strap also lets you store your credit cards, cash, and IDs in a secure, sealable sleeve on the back of the Keebos—again, keeping you hands-free and your mind at ease. Keebos iPhone necklaces work with iPhone models 6 and up, and come in four unique color styles named after streets in beautiful Venice, California: Beach, Sunset, Venice, and Abbot Kinney. Personally, I prefer Venice, as the color hints at the evergreen of pine trees.

So, this July 4th, if you’re taking the boat out onto the lake, heading downtown for live music, or will be escaping to the woods like me, make sure to keep your phone safe and sound, and head over to the official Keebos website to get your own Keebos iPhone crossbody case!

All images provided by Keebos