Soft girl era. The term that we are hearing all over social media, podcasts, and platforms. What does it mean to truly enter that “soft girl” era? Is it changing your walk? Changing your talk? Changing your hairstyle? They style of your dress. In fact, is it all of that wrapped up in a nice silky bow? Kash Komandants by the female hip hop babe with bars Kash Doll; tells us just what some say is the definition of entering in to the “soft girl era” could be. Recently SHEEN Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with Kash Doll to discuss her new EP and other latest changes in her life. 

Kash Doll who is currently awaiting the arrival of her baby girl Klarity, has shown that her kids are not stopping her from being on this journey that she is on. The artist and actor let us in on the fact that while she does not plan to have any more kids soon, she is enjoying being a mom. Kash stated that everything that she is doing now is purposeful because when she’s away from her son Kash, she thinks about him a lot and she misses him.  While being a mom is one of her latest titles, the beautiful lyricist has managed to keep working even right up until her 8 months of pregnancy, saying that in most of her visuals, including Kask Kommandments, she was pregnant with baby girl Klarity. 

Kash’s movement even while being a new mom and being pregnant has further solidified her as one to watch. The artist has been trending all over social media no matter if it was from her freestyles or even lately for prom season. That’s right, prom season. The girlies are stepping into the boss babe vibes on social media and repping Kash Doll in the heaviest of ways by reciting “Kash Kommannments” word for word. We would expect nothing less. Kash’s new EP has tracks that will get the party started from tracks that will make one really sit down and reflect on their life choices. With collaborations like Lady London, it’s clear that Kash is holding true to her life choices. Not only is she promoting her new music, but she is also setting the bar high for her future citing that she wants a top 10 billboard record, deals for her kids, beauty brands, and even adding marriage to her plate, even though she states that the marriage is coming no time soon.

It’s evident that Kash is a powerful person with her manifestations. From being popular in high school to acting and doing all the things that she has done now, seeing her embody her new talents, her new skills and her purpose is nothing short of amazing. Kash lets it be known that she will continue to be her authentic self and she will continue to ride her own wave and make music from her core. Not only is she making the music from her core, but she is hands on with her looks, her fashion, and her overall brand and image. Given her drive, hustle, ambition, style, and grace, we know that Kash is on her way, and she will for sure do any and everything she puts her mind to, and she is bringing the fans along for the ride. While others may not last in the game long, take this one Kash Kommandment with you the rest of the way, “Be yourself”. 


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kash Doll Instagram