The Beauty of Giving Spotlight continues. Keesha Sharp of FOX’s Lethal Weapon is a woman that wears many hats. When she’s not in Hollywood on set filming, Keesha is home being a mom and wife to her family. In the light Keesha building an empire, Sheen Magazine sat down with her to find out some of her ways and beauty of giving.

What motivates you to give back?

I’m a believer in God, and I believe he puts us in certain positions to be able to help others that may not be in that position. I think that is really why people that are given more are supposed to help. It feeds your soul when you give to other people. I believe that is why I’m doing what I’m doing. I love acting, directing, and all the things that I do, but at the end of the day, my purpose is to help others.

What is your way of giving back during the holiday season or throughout the year? 

One thing I love to do is that my husband and I participate in this program where we build wells in Africa, we love to do that every year, and this year we are going to have people involved in it and we will match the price of what people give. We also love to do “Project Angel Food” all through-out the year where we make food in the kitchen and deliver it to those in need. We also enjoy giving to other organizations as well as giving our time to young kids even in terms of actors and young people who are interested in the entertainment world.

Why is it important to spread love on a daily?

I’m really big on this because we can get so bowed down about what’s going on especially today with our political world. We can walk around with so much anger and it just creates negative energy even if you are on the right side of things. I believe that the only way to move out darkness is through light. So if I’m walking around in love, whether it’s just a smile, or saying hi to someone, or giving my time, that is going to create more of that love energy that you want to pass along. So instead of having a country full of anger, we can walk around in love like Jesus did and it helps change the world.

SHEEN salutes Keesha Sharp today! Thank you for sharing your ways of giving back. Be sure to check us out tomorrow, at 10am to see our next influencer spotlight.

Featured Image by Sheen Magazine