Kelly Thomas went on a mission to fill in the gap that she noticed in the fashion world. When she found herself struggling to find linergie that complimented plus size women, she was left dissatisfied but decided to do something about it! In 2012, Thomas launched her online brand, Kelly’s Kloset to offer a more diversified product line that includes lingerie, swimwear, much more! Today, Kelly’s Kloset the largest black-owned plus size lingerie eCommerce store in existence! In addition to that, she has just launched a subscription box service called, Behind Klosed Doors. We caught up with Kelly Thomas to discuss her brands and much more!

What made you want to begin a lingerie business?

When I was younger, I sized out of a lot of the big-box-stores. I was in a relationship (I still am) and I just wanted to have nice, sexy lingerie but it seemed like I was only finding two or three colors and matching bra sets were at a minimum. I went on a mission to find something that I loved. I knew that if I was looking that hard, everyone else that was facing the same problem was looking just as hard too.

Why is it so important for you to let plus-zie women know they shouldn’t give up on feeling sexy?

I think it plays on your confidence. Confidence is important whether its the bedroom, in a relationship, or even in a board room. It’s important to have lingerie that you feel comfortable in and looks good on you. It increases the connection in a relationship and once again, sexy lingerie increases confidence.

Kelly’s Kloset also includes swimwear. What made you want to enter into this space?

Enterting into swimwear just seemed natural after starting lingerie because I was still facing the same battles there. There was a lot of swimwear but it seemed like they were only offered in black (laughs) and not a wide variety of colors and styles. I wanted to bring that to the industry and forefront because I want to look good everywhere! The bedroom and even outside by the pool or on the beach.

Tell us about the subscription box service called Behind Kloset Doors.

I created the subscription box service Behind Klosed Doors because I wanted to have ladies or couples able to enjoy a nice surprise monthly. The box will allow them to celebrate themselves or just celebrate being sexy by themselves. In the box itself, there’s always a piece of lingerie but I throw in goodies that I find as well such as toys, novelties, oils, lotion, things that allow you to cater to yourself and your body.

Where do you hope to see yourself and your brand in the years to come?

I would normally say a big box store but that is not the answer because a lot of the big box stores are closing (laughs). I see us becoming a household brand or at least a household name where we are known to cater to plus size ladies and help women believe they can be sexy at any size because that’s something we definitely live by. I want to continue to grow and expand and increase others’ confidence while allowing others to feel sexy in lingerie.

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