What if we told you this baker did not grow up dreaming that she would one day become a baker/cake designer? That’s right, to our surprise LaToya, owner of Kerry’s Kakes found her calling shortly after graduating from college. Not only did her desserts have us mesmerized the second we laid our eyes on them but within the first few moments of speaking with her we just knew that she was the ultimate girl boss. Kerry’s Kakes was also one Sheen Magazine’s sponsors for Kimmie Awards 2018! Tune in as we got to know the woman that defines black excellence.

Can you tell our readers about yourself? How did you get into the bakery world?

Well, my name is LaToya. Kerry’s Kakes is actually named after my late father; Kerry was his name. When I was trying to think of the name for my company, Icame up with about 10 million (laughs) but one day I just woke up and decided that I wanted to name it Kerry’s Kakes. I went to school and got my degree as an undergrad with a business and marketing degree but afterwards, it was hard for me to find work. I used to do dinners and make desserts in school and thought about making cookies to sell. My grandma worked at the University of Pennsylvania so I sent them to work with her to see if her co-workers liked them or wanted to purchase them. They did so I began making cakes and I went to Michaels and took one of their Wilton courses. I wanted to try designs so when it was my grandma’s birthday in 2011, I made her a fondant cake. People liked it and that’s how I began my company.

Can you tell us about your transition from Philadelphia to Atlanta? What inspired the big move?

Basically, I wanted a chance to do larger events. I wanted to give Atlanta a try while I was still young and didn’t have kids (laughs) I just wanted to see a different opportunity. I wanted to do event cakes, more weddings, parties, club cakes are huge here in Atlanta. Clubs will order cakes for their celebrity guests or people that book out clubs for their birthdays. I just wanted a chance to do that. I still toggle back and forth between here and Philadelphia every now and to complete orders for previous customers.

What all does Kerry’s Kakes offer?

Kerry’s Kakes mostly specializes in custom cakes. That is anything from birthdays, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, any custom event where they want a show piece cake or desserts. I also offer things for dessert bars such as cupcakes and mini cupcakes, cheesecakes, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered Oreos. I have about seven flavors. I try to keep it small because I mostly do specialty cakes so 90% of the time my customers only order vanilla or chocolate, sometimes red velvet.

I also offer Slice Days here in Atlanta which is when I offer all of my cake flavors I have and I also have three cheesecake cakes. It’s a layer of cake and a layer of cheesecake. So, I have a red velvet one, a Strawberry Crunch which is like the ice cream, and an Oreo one as well. With Slice Day, I make all of these cakes, slice them up and I allow the city to purchase them instead of having to purchase a whole cake since I am a freelance baker. It just allows them to heal their taste buds without purchasing a whole cake they don’t need if they’re not having a party.

Tell us about your best-selling flavors.

My best-selling flavors would definitely be my Strawberry Crunch. Also, my newest cake flavor is my Apple Pie so those would probably be my two best sellers right now.

What can we expect to see from LaToya and Kerry’s Kakes in the future?

In the future, I am definetly looking to do more events, bridal shows, and I am hoping to link with other organizations. I’m doing a few events with non-profits because I want to be able to start a scholarship fund for young teens who want to go to school for pastries or cooking in general.

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