She may be funny, but she’s no fool. She is coming for the throne and pretty soon she’ll wear a crown in the House of Comedy.

Kiana Dancie left the corporate world in 2009 and bursted into the comedic industry full time. A gift noticed by Queen of Comedy, Mo’Nique at The Houston Improv in Houston, Kiana decided it was time to hit the stage.

While doing stand-up at The Laff Stop in Houston, she began writing her column called “Komedy Kocktails,” which was syndicated in three magazines. She took this as an opportunity to dig into the scene and find out how it all works. Having the chance to interview the likes of fellow comedians Arnez J, Dave Chappelle and Katt Williams, was only the beginning. Kiana was given the opportunity to go on tour twice with fellow comedian Rodney Perry on his “Off The Chain” comedy tour. She says the opportunity was flattering and humbling.

“I learned hands on with him and every time, every city, I gained so much more respect for him,” she said.

Rodney happens to be one of the comedians who influence her, along with Carole Burnett, Mo’Nique, Sommore, Lucille Ball and Joan Rivers.

“I love the real snazzy, jazzy women that say and do what they want to do,” she said.

But when she goes on stage, it’s all her. Her material comes from her own life experiences drawing from dating, family, TV and those around her.

“I always say ‘everything around me is subject to being on stage so ya’ll better be careful’,” she said.

She believes the comedy scene is a male dominated industry and, while there are many female comedians, there is a lack in the rise of African-American female comedians.

“I think that is because of the way that the industry picks from the cherry tree,” she said. “They pick one at a time.”

She’s recently been picked to be a part of the line-up for the Legendary Weekend Comedy Show and she is looking forward to leveraging new relationships and opening up to a new audience. Her jokes depend on her listeners, but the result will still be the same.

“What they should expect from me is good, wholesome funny,” she said.

Making us laugh is just one thing she has been busy doing. She is also set to release a book in March about letting go of your baggage.

“At the end of the day we all have baggage, but we can’t let our baggage dictate our future,” she said.

She wants to make sure that readers understand that regardless of what you go through in life, you have to learn to laugh it off. Kiana will also be a part of a reality show set to release on Lifetime in the same month as her book. She says it’s a very positive show and she’s excited to tell her story and be a part of this project.

If you are ever in Atlanta, you can find Kiana at her home comedy club, The Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross, GA. If that opportunity will not come soon enough, checkout her website or follow her on social media at @KianaDancie to find out how you can catch her in the act.