There are coming-of-age classic films that take us back to our teenage days of feeling fearless and free. They make impressions not only on the movie goer but the culture of our society. They inspire change agents, bond friendships, and overall they entertain us through the trials of adolescence. Cultural classics like Juice, Lean on Me, Boyz N the Hood, House Party, The Wood, The Inkwell, and Dope have earned their places in iconic film history.  Now Kicks, premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, is coming out just in time for Fall 2016. Actor Christopher Meyer lights up the screen as one of the four friends caught in a whirlwind of boy to manhood transitions.  The Wayward Pines actor talked to Sheen Magazine about his acting career, current projects, and what to expect when Kicks hits theaters later this Fall.

How did your career in acting begin?

Ironically, my best friend was interested in acting and he wanted to audition for this art school in South Florida. I had never been to the same school as him, we actually met at church. So I wanted to be in the same school as him and I had taken an interest in acting in a few plays. I was imitating Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So he said you should just audition with me and I did. I got into the school, started acting in some plays, and met my manager who is still my manager to this day. So after that the rest is history.

How was your experience on General Hospital?

That was a great learning experience. It was my first TV appearance with lines. I think soap operas are essential for someone to start on because I was 15 at the time. Its a new episode and script everyday on soap operas, which means everything is filmed very fast. There are times when you get re-writes for the episodes that morning when you come in to the set with a whole different monologue. It really taught me to be prepared.

You play Mario on Wayward Pines. What was it like to play on such a suspenseful show?

Mario is a common solider that was put at the top of the ranks. [He] is loyal but at the same time he has a cold heart because of what he does and what he’s asked to do. He has a boss and best friend named Jason, so whatever he tells me to do I do it if its in the best interest of myself or the town of Wayward Pines. Whether that is killing somebody or anything. He’s cold-hearted, but as you keep watching you see that he’s like a robot, then you realize he’s a kid like the rest of them.

You have two films at Tribeca Film Festival. Could you tell us about them?

Yes I do and I play Rico in Kicks. Rico is a modern day Rico Suave. He’s young, very smooth when it comes to women, loves girls, and smokes weed. Ironically, as much weed as he smokes and how lazy he is, he’s still athletic. Rico is that kid in the group that did everything good because of the way he approaches every situation. I don’t think there has been a movie put out like this in a long time like Juice or Boyz N the Hood . I want people to see the west coast vibe it has and for the youth to take from it the subliminal messages. Now my character Hakim in Wolves is almost like Rico except he’s not poor. Hakim goes to a private school, his parents are wealthier than the other kid’s parents, and he’s a jokester. He likes to make people laugh, captain of the basketball team, and gets the boys pumped up to go play their hardest. He keeps the smiles through a pretty dramatic movie.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Yes, I do music, so I have a mixtape coming out later this summer and I’m looking to have the website up in a couple of weeks.

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Photographer: Rowan Daly