Going to the nail salon can be such a hassle! Besides the fact that we’re racking up our bill every time we go, we can’t stand the wait! Who said you had to be a technician to get the perfect nails? Fear no more because painting nails just got ten times easier.

It’s been spotted on The Today Show and we couldn’t help but wonder how this product is being used.

What is it?

Liquid Palisade is the ORIGINAL polish barrier you’ve always dreamed of. Think of it as your own personal painter’s tape when you take on the challenge of doing your own nails. It’s a task most of us aren’t willing to risk but with the help of Liquid Palisade, you’ll have everyone wondering who is doing your nails.

What it does:

It’s the barrier that covers and protects your skin and cuticles from unwanted polish. How EASY! Kiesque offers polish barrier for regular manicures AND for a traditional french manicure as well. Consider your nails mess-free from now on!

How to use it:

  1. Apply a coat of Liquid Palisade around your nails. Depending how much you use, a thick coat will take longer to dry but is the easiest technique when removing the peel.
  2. Let the product completely dry.
  3. Next, apply your nail polish.
  4. Grab your tweezers and peel off the Liquid Palisade.
  5. It is important that the product is removed when your nail polish is still wet. Dried nail polish may tear from the nail bed, which isn’t what we want!

Purchase yours at Sephora or at their website today!

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Featured Image provided by Kiesque