Kimo Bentley is the best example of the phrase, “a breath of fresh air.” Within the first few moments of speaking with Bentley, she captivated our hearts with her genuine personality and knowledge of her career. Her sincerity for others is truly inspiring. Sheen sat down to speak with Kimo Bentley, who is a beauty expert and entrepreneur on the rise. Not only has her all natural skincare products, the Kimo Bentley All Natural Beauty Line brand rose quickly to the top but her true passion to help others left us in awe. In this exclusive interview, Bentley shares the importance to all natural skincare products and what sparked her interest in the creation of her products.

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? What intrigued you to get into this industry for your career?

Well, I’ve got 20 years of experience in the esthetic and skincare industry. I am ITEC qualified. That simply means that I’m an international therapy esthetician. This means that my qualifications are worldwide. I’m an innovator self-starter who has turned a home-based business into something much bigger. I’m the founder of the Kimo Bentley Brand, which I’m extremely proud of.

How did the Kimo Bentley Brand come about?

Well, I have two daughters. My first child had eczema as a baby. I went to the doctor hoping to find some sort of solution. They provided me with a steroid! I was not happy with that so I went home and did research. I discovered oatmeal and after discovering oatmeal, I started working in my kitchen. By whipping up ingredients with the oatmeal, I created this oatmeal bar. Through trial and error, I finally perfected it. I used it on her and her skin started to clear. The thing with natural products is that it’s not a microwave solution. The results can tend to be progressive. I used it for around 90 days and her skin started to clear. That was what sparked an interest in seeing that I can address a concern naturally. Now, people want things gone right away. I appreciate all of my customers for supporting my line because natural products require patience. This is not something that has magical entities that will cure something within a few short weeks. I’m here to say there is no such thing. You have to allow it to do what it does and natural products take longer because it has to intertwine with your DNA and your skin has to like it.   

You stress that natural products are the best products, what can you tell us about the importance of what ingredients are in your skincare products?

Natural products are the best products if they’re used correctly. You never have to worry about the harmful effects on the skin or inside of the body. Some products contain harmful preservatives or parabens that can cause long term affects such as cancer. Our products are natural so we use a lot of turmeric, essential oils, ingredients that are plant based. Once used correctly, you never have to worry about long-term effects. That is the difference between our natural products as opposed to another brand that does have the preservatives. Preservatives tend to preserve the shelf life of a product. A product can tend to last for 12, 24, sometimes 36 months depending on the potency of the paraben, so it depends. Our products generally last 12 months. We use things such as vitamin e oil, it is safe to use on a daily basis on your skin.

You make all natural, handmade skincare products. Can you tell us about that? Do you have a favorite product?

The business is family-owned and operated. Every single product we make in small batches. From every sticker, every jar, label, cover is produced and made by us. Two years ago, there was an order for a prominent organization and we literally sat here and put 700 lip balm labels on until our fingers got so numb and swollen (laughs) we bonded during the moment and it was something we enjoyed doing. We always go back to that moment and all of us always agree that we would go back and do it again. You know what though, I honestly don’t have a favorite product because in my bathroom I use something different every single day from the line. I think they are all my favorites. When you’re a creator and innovator, you make things you like with the hopes of other people liking it. Every product made is my own rendition or product that I really liked.

What advice would you give for someone who strives to have flawless skin?

The advice that I would give is to see an esthetician, we know all about skin. Because we know about skin, because we handle skincare every single day, skin is simple. You cleanse it, you treat it, you hydrate it, and you protect it. Its all about gaining the education with your esthetician and connecting with them in regard to accessing, treating, and getting the right type of service or product for your skin. That’s what the simplest solution is for someone who is either going through some kind of condition or they just want maintain their beautiful, impeccable, flawless skin. See an esthetician, that’s what we have to do. Self-care can only take you so far. Estheticians know, they have an eye for this. We’re seasoned in the business. There is nothing wrong with self-care or home-cured treatments because I tend to give a lot of home remedies and tips on my social media platforms but it’s good to go in because estheticians will direct you in what you need to do. Skin speaks to us. Your skin can determine if you have other health issues going on. It’s much deeper than just looking at someone and saying their skin is flawless.

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