Angela Fite’ has created “The Artful Science of Kinky Hair” that is, Kinkistry. If you don’t know about Kinkistry, you’ll be glad we’re introducing you now. Fite’ loved human hair extensions but immediately noticed that there was a gap in the market. After much research and testing extensions personally, Angela accomplished her personal goal. In creating Kinkistry, Angela is proven to be a mastermind but it’s only the beginning. Join us as we got to know the creator and owner of Kinkistry, it’ll only be a matter of time until you get your hands on their products.

Can you start off by telling our readers a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’m originally from Columbus, Georgia, which is 100 miles south of Atlanta. I hold an MBA from Troy University and had been in Corporate America for many years as a project manager and also in human resources. Recently, I ended up leaving my job to focus on building Kinkistry. I’m married to a physician; he is actually in the Army Reserve in Kuwait right now. We have two children, a son who is 10-years old and my daughter is eight years old.

What inspired you to create Kinkistry?

It’s kind of interesting, I became natural because I was asked to by my hairstylist. She was interested in doing more natural hair and at the time I had a really short pixie cut at the time, I had a perm and she asked me if I ever thought about going natural around 2011. I said yes but the work and maintenance were holding me back. She described that it really wasn’t difficult. She wanted to have more natural clients and asked if I was interested in going natural and journaling the experience in terms of transitioning. I fell in love with the naturally curly extension look. For a good two years, I did natural hair extensions. I did a lot of protective styles, sew-ins, and was buying hair at least every two to three months.

I tried a lot of different companies and textures. It was an investment and I also found that a lot of the hair that I would get didn’t last as long as I thought it would. I wanted to see if there were any other options in terms of quality extensions and more reasonable prices. There was a gap in the market in terms of quality and price and so it made me go on my search to find hair for naturals.

Can you tell us about your best-selling products?

Our best-selling product would be out clip ins. Our clip-ins are very popular, I believe because they are easy to use, follicle friendly and they don’t dig into your scalp. The clips are designed to secure and snap in safely without snagging or tugging at your hair. It adds volume and length to your hair in a matter of minutes. We have seven textures and in regards to that, I would say KurlGenics (texture for 3c/4a natural women) is the best seller we have.

What sets Kinkistry extensions apart from other extension brands?
One of the things that set Kinkistry apart is that we offer a wide variety of textures. My PR rep also came up with the campaign, “No Curl Left Behind” which I thought is true because we have a texture/curl pattern for everyone. We ensure that our 4 texture customers are included in that as well. It was a big thing for me because I did find that companies often shied away from that segment. That was a gap that I wanted to try to bridge as well. We offer free texture matches for customers and people new to the extension process. The texture match ensures that the texture you purchase will definitely blend with your hair.

Kinkistry really caters to the textured 4 girls. There are not a lot of brands that cater to a kinkier pattern. We carry 4a, 4b, and 4c texture hair which is very uncommon for you to be able to find your exact pattern. A lot of natural hair women have multiple patterns in their hair and with Kinkistry, you are able to purchase multiple textures within one hair and that is very unique in its own.

What can we expect to see from Kinkistry in the future?

Well, we are actually moving to Atlanta on June 16th! Currently, we’re in Portland, Oregon but we are moving and our goal is to explore and open a beauty bar in Atlanta. We want to get established in the natural hair community in Atlanta and I can definitely see a lot of opportunities there to make it happen. A wig line will be out the fourth quarter of this year as well.

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