Tiffany Kelly, Brooklyn native has become an inspiration to many women for sharing her life-changing experiences. She’s an author, inspirational speaker, and coach striving to help others make health their very first priority. Through her words of wisdom, Kelly has made it her personal goal to impact the lives of women all over the world. SHEEN exclusively spoke with Tiffany Kelly to get the scoop on just who the Lady of Power is.

Tell us more about Ms. Tiffany D Kelly?

I am down to earth, funny, hardworking, and I love helping people!  I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York and have lived in Atlanta for the last 12 years.  Back home, I was very active in my church and community but spent most of my childhood and twenties running businesses for my father. I had an awesome childhood, but I also sacrificed my health to help build the family business. At age 24, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and by 29 I was on two different medications for my pressure and weighing over 260 lbs. I made a decision that I didn’t want to die and started my journey to living healthy and fit. I’ve lost over 80 lbs naturally and have been off of high blood pressure medication for five years! This journey wasn’t easy I had to overcome many obstacles such as emotional eating, depression, physical ailments, to name a few.  Now I travel to speak, do workshops, write, coach, and inspire people to put their health first! 

What motivated you to say, this is something I want to focus on and help others do?  

After losing the first 20 lbs on my own, I hired a personal trainer to help me further my success.  After training for about two years, I developed a love for fitness and would stay and help with my trainer’s boot camps, I later became an instructor for her.  After classes, women would come to me and ask questions about healthy eating. How did I handle cravings, stress, routines, etc? At work, I was doing the same, informally coaching women and I loved the opportunity to give back. Ironically, in my day job, I was an Instructional Coach for teachers, so my coaching skills transferred to health and fitness, and my company Loose the Power Within was born.

What programs do you have available and how can others join?

I recently launched my Fit for the Journey Christian based weight-loss coaching program for women. Women can join by setting up an initial free Power Chat session with me at Loose the Power within website and then we will go from there. In addition, I have a fitness class called Spark Your Sexy Fitness that will resume in January. Registration is open for our first class of the year which is January 13th. Ladies can sign up for class by going to the class website.

Your book “Lady of Power,” can you tell us more about it?  

Lady of Power was written to inspire and motivate women to stand in their God-given power to overcome the traps, trials, and tribulations experienced on their weight-loss journey. It’s like having me as your coach walking the journey right alongside you.

Your book’s title is truly powerful, what motivated you to give it this name?

The name Lady of Power was derived from the name I give all of my female clients who are enrolled in my coaching programs. Women are powerful and operate in many roles. It’s my job to help women tap into the power that already lies within to move beyond their circumstances, eliminate excuses, and successfully live a healthy and fit life. Our health is connected to our ability to walk out our purpose on this earth. Success is crucial!

What’s next for Ms. Tiffany D. Kelly?

I’m excited about the next group of women that are signing up for my January group coaching session. I’ve also been asked to speak and present workshops regarding my journey and how to live healthy and fit. I’m looking forward to more opportunities. On December 16th, I will be a speaker at the DIVAS Conference in Stockbridge, Georgia. Tickets are on sale now on Eventbrite.

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(PHOTO CREDIT: Rod Campbell Photo Magic Media)