Thanks to LeBron James, 240 at-risk students will be attending the first year of the I Promise School on Monday, August 6th.

The students of Akron, Ohio (James’ hometown) will attend the school which is an extension of the LeBron James Family Foundation. The foundation was created in order to give children the opportunity to thrive despite the difficult situations they may live in.

It was back in November when the NBA star approached the Akron school board about his idea of creating a school that would help students who are at-risk. The I Promise School will operate longer than a regular school and focus on helping students who may be lagging in their studies. The services and activities offered will help kids stay out of trouble as well. In addition, the families’ of these students will be offered job placement assistance and an on-site food bank which will allow them to pick out foods to prepare in the comfort of their own homes.

We’re applauding you every step of the way for making an impeccable different to the world and these students, LeBron James!

Featured Image: Shutterstock