Bentley Kyle Evans is a one of the major players in the entertainment industry. He is responsible for bringing us iconic shows such as Martin, The Jamie Foxx Show and now Family Time. We spoke with the legendary writer, producer and director about his career and future projects.

Everyone knows that you have remained an icon behind the scenes in television for years? How have you stayed so relevant in the industry?

By not letting anybody tell me no, by taking the bull by the horns, and just continuing to pursue goals. For a while, the reality show game took the sitcom game out of business; but I never lost faith. Even when the studios weren’t making them, I went independent. My desire is to keep programming alive, especially for African Americans.

Congratulations on your third season of Family Time. What drove you to focus on family themed show this time?

I’m a lover of family. I come from a big family. I come from a family of a mother and father who are still together, and a bunch of brothers and sisters. I have a family of my own now, which means I’m even more inclined to promote family. Without family, you’re pretty much out here by yourself. I wanted the new generation to have a real depiction of what family is, specifically in black culture.

What can we expect this season of the show?

Going forward, I really want to branch out. Yes, we will focus on the four people in the house, but we’re also going to build new relationships with outside characters. I’m doing this because we know that family is not just the household, but it’s also the extended family that you choose to bring into your life. We also went to take the family on vacation and see them in different locations, and do all of those things that shows like the Brady Bunch used to do. We are going to just branch out and utilize all the guest stars as well.

What do you want your audience to get from the show overall?

I want my audience to get genuine laughter. I want to be able to encourage them to be able to laugh at our mistakes, especially for the kids. If the child gets an ‘F’ on his report card, it’s not funny, but we need to be able to look at it in a different light, and know that it’s not the end of the world. I want people to enjoy the show for the humor in it, but there will be times that will make you cry. I believe in moving all the emotions with my audience. I want to make them cry, make them think, but mostly I want to touch on every subject.

What is next for Bentley Kyle Evans?

Good question. I have a couple of projects coming up. I have a new show that premieres on the 18th on TV One called Mitch and Max and it stars DeRay Davis and Jaleel White. I’ve also got a movie that I’m working on, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate 2. Martin and I wrote the script, so we’re putting that out with help from Eddie Murphy who is my all time hero, my mentor, and the reason that I got in this in the first place. Working hand in hand with him like this is so incredible, I’d honestly do it for free. Eventually I’ll start working on some drama, but right now I’m focusing on comedy.