Just when you thought things were already great in the film industry, things just heated up a bit!

Emmy award-winning writer for both “The Chi” and “Master of None,” Lena Waithe has done it again but this time she’s teamed up with actor David Kaluuya and Melina Matsoukas on a new film called “Queen and Slim” which is set to start filming January of 2019.

The story is based off an idea and treatment from best-selling author, James Frey and a story written by him and Waithe.

It is about a black couple centered around a Bonnie and Clyde type theme who kills a police officer  in self-defense when the night goes terribly wrong and moves to Cuba.

Both Waithe and Matsoukas wanted to revolve the story about being black and falling in love when the world is falling apart around you.

You don’t want to miss this great film written by the wonderful Lena Waithe!

Stay tuned!

Featured Image: Shutterstock