Netflix officially dropped the fourth season of Lucifer today on the platform and we couldn’t be more excited! Last May, you may recall fans of the show took it to Twitter with the hashtag, #SaveLucifer and just one month later, Netflix came to the rescue announcing that they would be releasing the fourth season of the fantasy cop drama series. We sat down with actress, Lesley-Ann Brandt of the hit show to discuss her start in the entertainment industry, her role in the series, and what viewers can expect to see this season!

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to get into the world of entertainment?

Well, I don’t think I necessarily wanted to be in the world of entertainment, I just think I was a very creative child in the sense that I was always performing. Where I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, no one really does what I do for a living. It’s changed a lot now but when I was growing up, you didn’t hear that a lot of people from South Africa grew up wanting to be actors.

I was born and raised in Cape Town and later on with my parents and brother, we moved to New Zealand right after high school and that’s where I discovered acting and harnessed this energy that I seemed to have with me throughout my childhood and into something that’s blossomed into a career today.

Can you tell us about your character on the hit series, Lucifer?

Our show is loosely based on a very wonderfully written and illustrated series of graphic novels of the same title, Lucifer. My character, Mazikeen, she is a demon and the best friend and protector of Lucifer. She follows him through the gates of Hell. Season one picks up where they have been on Earth for five years and living this crazy life and in stumbles, Chloe Decker (portrayed by Lauren German) and their lives are twisted on Earth. We explore the changing of the Lucifer and Mazikeen relationship and the newfound relationship with Chloe. In season one, Mazikeen wanted to get home and in season two she realized that she was stuck on Earth so she had to make it feel like home. In season three, she had to tackle relationship although she doesn’t care too much about feelings and humanity. In season four, we explore her falling in love, which completely new!

It’s clear that you take advantage of your platform and use it as a way to speak up against social injustices. Why is this so important to you?

It comes from where I was born. I was born in Cape Town in South Africa and I wasn’t allowed to go to school with white kids. My parents were disenfranchised because of their race and so were my grandparents and family. It was a tough time. My parents are fighters and they raised me to speak up! In high school, people joked and called me “The Devil’s Protector” because I was sort of that for them, no one picked on my friends. I’d say it is something I was inherently raised with. The other side of the coin is also the fact that I am a mother to a 1-½-year-old and he is biracial. We have gay aunts and uncles, his mother is an immigrant and a woman of color so a lot of these issues we face and see are things that I have faced and the people that I love have faced. I find it hard not to speak up because I would like for him to grow up in a country and a world where he doesn’t have to deal with the things that we have dealt with in our lifetimes.

Are there any upcoming projects you could give us insight into?

Nothing I can talk about specifically now but of course, Lucifer will air soon and we are very excited to be on our new home at Netflix. We just hope you guys enjoy it and we are so grateful for our fans who fought for our show and brought us back, we hope they enjoy this new season!


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