Not only does Corey McIntosh help people around the world achieve their own fitness and health goals, but he’s making an effort to ensure that people feel great from within as well. We recently had the chance to speak with him about his designer athletic socks, his passion for fitness, and much more.

Tell us how you first got into fitness and health.

First, I was a professional basketball player overseas. The hard work and ethic transferred over. I had people who saw what I was capable of and asked me to help them accomplish their goals. I began taking an interest to help transform people than actual sports and that is when the shift changed for me.

What is your goal as a fitness trainer?

My goal is to teach people the lifestyle more so than helping them get actual results, because results are going to come. The main thing is teaching them that this can be fun, there is a better way to do things, and its healthier for you.

Can you tell us about your designer athletic brand?

I own a sock line called MacW3rk Socks. All the socks are made out of bamboo- which is really good for your health. It gives kids a chance to wear something that is affordable if they cannot afford to wear that expensive shoe, but they can at least wear some amazing socks.

What are you working on now and what can we expect to see from you in 2022?

I’ve been running these fitness camps called Whine & W3rk. I’m looking to start running fitness events where we can get multiple vendors in, different companies can come share their products, and trainers around the country can show their skillset. That’s something we began building in 2021 and we’re looking to push that forward in 2022.

Whine & W3rk is a dance fitness class that I’ve been running for the last six months. That’s kind of where the lifestyle portion comes in when it comes to my fitness brand and how I’m trying to help people further themselves along. It’s a workout, but there is so much fun within int. I allow people to express themselves at a high level, that they don’t actually get to do during the days of the week. It’s a fit camp and we’re traveling around the world – state to state to give people the chance to meet me, enjoy me, and we run a mixer after. The mixer includes a chef, beverages, and we talk about fitness, branding, and lifestyle. I’ve been doing that in many different cities. That’s the goal in 2022, to essentially get that off the ground with the sock line and include other vendors and brands to come join along as well.

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All images by Shaman Ku