When CEO Michelle Olomojobi didn’t see fashion in mainstream stores that resonated with her Nigerian heritage, she made a decision to fill the void, creating the lifestyle brand LLULO.

Now, four years later the brand has taken the fashion community by storm with its unique perspective, combining African-inspired bold prints and colors with traditional clothing and lifestyle pieces for everyone to enjoy.

“LLULO is for unique individuals who enjoy one-of-a-kind pieces. They appreciate and accept being different. They are comfortable being in their own skin and love Africa, or want to find out more about the continent,” she said.

Since its inception, LLULO has created a lane of its own amongst a growing trend of Ankara-style fashion recently emerging in Hollywood and runways internationally.


Ankara is a type of bright-colored printed fabric originating from Africa.

“Traditional Ankara is a saturated market and after a while you begin seeing the same pieces. At LLULO, we find unique ways to use Ankara and also give our individual take on African-inspired prints,” she said.

Products available include a variety of unique pieces, such as lettered pillows with a kaleidoscope of prints and colors, to traditional crewnecks doused with red, black and green patches of Africa.

Currently items can be purchased at and are also available at Nubian Hueman Boutique Lounge located at 1231 Good Hope Rd. SE in Washington D.C.

While we’re all thankful for the emergence of such a dope brand, the brand has also allowed the Texas-native Olomojobi the ability to fully express herself, and provided the opportunity to fulfill her dreams.

“I just delight seeing my life in color…I’ve met some of the most loyal and amazing individuals along this journey. The feedback has been uplifting. I’m thankful,” she said.