What do you see when you look in the mirror? Sabrina Protic, a certified life coach, author of Growing Ageless—Think Young and Live Younger, and the founder of Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment and Ageless Techniques (Mind, Body, Lifestyle), wants to know. Sabrina is proudly spreading her message of self-care and empowerment to women around the world, which is why we were thrilled to sit down with her for a Sheen Magazine exclusive interview.

Who is Sabrina Protic?

Your Financial Wellness Coach for Life and Business!  

Sabrina Protic is a licensed Financial Services Coach and a Certified Life Coach in the 8 to Great Process. She’s a business coach, public speaker, author of Growing Ageless—Think Young and Live Younger, the founder of W.E.E. (Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment), the co-host of the Thriving Women’s Broadcast Radio Show, and the founder of Ageless Techniques (Mind, Body, Lifestyle).

Sabrina is an energetic and vibrant wife, mother, grandmother, wellness and anti-aging enthusiast. She educates families and empowers them to make smart financial choices. Through her personal journey, she shares Mirror Moments with others who have gone through life-changing setbacks and gives them the tools to overcome by adding “life back into life.”

Wherever she goes, Sabrina shares her journey of the financial pandemic awakening and how she conquered turbulence and the near-crippling feelings of being too old to discover the joys of life again. You’ll find Sabrina and W.E.E. actively engaging in community enrichment as she promotes, “Value your things… before you lose your valuable things.”

What inspired you to write Growing Ageless—Think Young and Live Younger?

Growing Ageless was written for women who have gone through major life changes, struggled to find themselves, or battled feelings of failure. The book helps them rewrite the negative talk in their minds.

I learned how to put life back into my life and how to build an ageless life that makes me look, feel, and live the positivity I always dreamed of, and you can have that too.

How do you utilize your expertise to help people achieve their goals?

Through my journey, I found the secret to feeling whole and purposeful. I start with a self-affirmation called Mirror Moments, which you’ll find at the end of each chapter in Growing Ageless. Goals have dates and deadlines, but mental reframing is a continuous process of self-validation and recognition. Believe in yourself first and others will follow your manifestation of self.

Taking risks and building networks are two of the most powerful chapters in my life and book. These risks include business, relationships, family, friends, lifestyle, and more. Building networks are new bridges to people where there is mutual support and collaboration. There are so many jewels in these networks that will lead you to achieve your dreams and goals.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to mirror your success?

Become a giver before you become a receiver. When you shift the focus off you and make it about delivering value to others, the return on investment increases. Avoid becoming a networking raider. Simply participating in a group for personal gain without contributing to its mission, vision, and values is a road to nowhere.

How do you define success?

Success is the mental satisfaction that you’ve climbed to the top of the mountain despite environmental challenges. The road to success is never a straight line. There are no monetary values that define success. Perhaps you may know of people who are cash-rich, but family poor. That’s not success. Success means that you’ve found the balance that brings you the greatest happiness in life.

What sense of purpose do you draw from your culture and community?

Relevancy is how I define my purpose. What if you gave $100 to a person who has money to burn? That $100 has no value to that individual. Take that same $100 and give it to a family of five where one or both parents lost their income. That $100 may put food on the table or pay the utility bill. Now we can form a picture of relevancy. 

W.E.E. supports enterprising entrepreneurs by providing a platform of visibility in the community. My latest contribution to our communities is extending financial education and business opportunities for the working class. This financial coaching is extremely relevant due to the impact of the pandemic on our income and wellbeing. This is what I call financial empowerment!

Can you give me a few examples of your Mirror Moments and what they mean to you?

When we look in the mirror, we see our imperfections and flaws. We focus on the things we need to fix, the things that are already beautiful, perfect, and worth celebrating. Or, we ignore the very things we need to change to live our best lives. Mirror Momentsare self-examination questions to push you to eliminate negative thinking and rewrite positive messages to yourself.

Chapter 6, Disrupting the Routine Mirror Moment

Will today be the usual? Usual hairstyle, usual coffeeshop espresso, the usual people you call or text? Resolve to have an unusually great day! Gel your hair, order something different, reach out to people that have distanced due to the pandemic. This one simple change can have a huge impact on your life and possibly on someone else’s.

I sent the following message to multiple people: “Hey friend, are you open to having a one-on-one Zoom? The pandemic has changed the way we interact and do business. I’d love to see how we can support one another.” The responses have been exceptional. Here’s one response: “Hey Sabrina, I’d love to!” Through this Zoom, I discovered she experienced a crisis in her life, and we cried together. She was so happy that I reached out. Mirror Moments are powerful.  

Chapter 6, I Have Tons of Energy

Are you sluggish? Is your body’s engine turned off especially now since so many people are sheltering in place? Are you eating more and moving less? Mirror Moment: If there was a dire emergency that required you to run to save your life or someone else’s, could you do it? That’s an extreme case, but it’s worth taking a hard look at your body’s ability to move when needed. Start now by mentally resolving to be a body in motion. I have one hour of movement scheduled each day on my calendar. I walk on my treadmill for two miles and this fuels my energy levels.

 Mirror Moments are wonderful mental self-reflections that can push you toward life-changing possibilities.

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