When you look in the mirror what do you see? Is it an ugly duckling or a beautiful swan? Well, we are not going to tear ourselves down; instead we are about to lift ourselves up. This week I want us to focus on what we love about ourselves, we must love the skin we are in in order to make changes within. I know I was always talking about the things I wanted to change about my body (I wish I had thinner thighs) but to make a change in ourselves, we need to do it from a place of love not hate. So, do this exercise with me. We are going to work on three areas of the body: top, middle and bottom. Let’s get started, grab your pen and paper and move into a private space with a mirror (I like the bathroom).

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and gaze at yourself starting at the top (start at hair to collar bone)

Look at your face, what is your favorite feature here? Is it your eyes, your nose or even your cheekbones? Whatever it is, write it down. By the way, it doesn’t have to be just one.


  1. Drop that robe and look at your image. We are focusing on the middle (from the collar bone to the hip bone) embrace all of you. Remember we are loving ourselves so, what is your favorite part here? Is it your collar bone, your belly button or your back? Write down your favorite part or parts.


  1. Move to the bottom (from your hip bones to your toes). Step back so you can see that lower body. Do the same thing here. Is your favorite part your knees, the junk in your trunk or your cute little toe? Write it down.

Now that you have covered your entire body; I want you to read your list out loud looking at yourself in the mirror. It will go something like this: “I love my eyes, nose and ears. I love my belly button, I love my thighs and my feet. “I want you to add at the bottom of the list – I love you.

I know this exercise seems strange but trust me. Losing weight is more than hitting the gym. We must expand our self-awareness to succeed.   Keep this list near so that when you find yourself struggling to love you, pull out your list and read it.

When we love ourselves we treat ourselves better, we tend to move like we love ourselves, we eat like we love ourselves and we speak like we love ourselves. To achieve the body you desire, you have to make that change out of love. So, love the skin you are in.

Featured Image: Shutterstock