The Greenleaf family, which runs sprawling Memphis megachurch Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, appears to be a loving and caring clan. Beneath the surface, though, exists scandalous secrets and lies. Greed, adultery and sibling rivalry are among the issues that threaten to test the family’s faith and tear the group apart. The scandalous happenings are uncovered by “Grace,” the estranged daughter of church leader “Bishop James Greenleaf,” when she returns home after a 20-year absence. Oprah Winfrey has a regular role on the show as “Mavis,” Grace’s aunt. Greenleaf proved to be one of OWN TV’s biggest series launch in the network’s five-year history.

ATLANTA, GA – MARCH 13: (L-R) Julian Brittano, Parnell Damone Marcanom, T.C. Carson, Jason Dirden, Clement Virgo, Gregory Alan Williams, Merle Dandridge, Desiree Ross, Keith David, Lovie Simone, Lynn Whitfield, Deborah Joy Winans, Kim Hawthorne, and Lamman Rucker attend “Greenleaf” Season 2 Premiere Party at W Atlanta Midtown on March 13, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network)

Greenleaf’s debut last year drawing in 3.04 million viewers for the season 1 premiere. We caught up with the stars Keith David and Lynn Whitfield during their Atlanta season 2 premiere. It’s safe to say the show won’t be slowing down anytime soon with their shocking 45-minute premiere of the second season of the show starting off with new secrets and charges revealed about both “Bishop James” and wife “Lady Mae.” The premiere included a first look at episode 1 of season 2 and an exclusive post party reception with the cast! Thank you OWN TV for providing an exclusive and intimate interaction between the press and cast of the hit show. Greenleaf premieres tonight at 10pm ET on OWN.

Check out our exclusive red carpet interviews with the cast below: