Karon Byers is more than just a pretty face and s set of tight abs. He is also a BMI established songwriter with lots of soul. In August 2018, Byers had a groundbreaking moment, when he was featured by Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Cosmetics, as the first male model on their platform. While Byers considers himself to be a sex symbol, he also describes himself, as “A Child of God, who is here t serve and share the word of the source. A being that enjoys seeing others progress.”

You have an EP coming soon, what should we expect from it?

I’m very excited to share my music with the world. I’ve always had a love for music. I used to sit on my grandma’s couch – the kind with the plastic on it – while she played Sade Adu, The Isley Brothers, and The Bee Gees. Music was embedded into my DNA at a young age, and when I became older I started to comprehend the messages sung in these musical spells. I’ve carried my knowledge and love for nostalgic vibrations into my own music, from some of my favorite artists such as Keith Sweat, Silk, and Brian Mcknight. I’ve wrapped all these artists into one, creating a soulful sound of my own. You should expect a mixture of different head rocking vibrations.


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