Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, Masika Kalysha is the ultimate superwoman. Not only does she balance motherhood and her music career with such grace, she has added yet another hat she wears in life. The launch of Masika’s makeup line, Khari Barbie Beauty has become a hit! Masika spoke with SHEEN exclusively to discuss just what it’s like to be in her shoes and how she will continue to grow her empire.

What made you decide you wanted to start up Khari Barbie Beauty?

I found that most of my fan base is really into beauty, fashion, etc. I was constantly being asked what color I was wearing or what product I was using. I found that there was a big need for knowledge in the industry and sometimes I was wearing lines that were over priced or not of high quality. I really wanted to create something that I truly believed in, something I could stand behind, that had integrity, and that works for all skin types and colors.

(Courtesy of Khari Barbie Beauty)

What made you decide that you wanted vegan/cruelty free products for your line? Are you a vegan?

No I am not currently vegan, but I was vegan for about seven months prior to becoming pregnant with my daughter. It is something that i’m still very interested in but I want to do a little more research on it before diving back in. However, I thought a vegan line was something important because we have all of these huge big name companies that have been around for a very long time, but leaves the question “What are you really putting on your skin or your face?” A lot of times it looks good but there are all types of chemicals in them. There are things such as whale blubber in lipstick and pig hooves in nail polish that that are really unnecessary and these are animal byproducts that we are putting in our body and on our skin while touching our kids. So I wanted to create a line that was cruelty free and didn’t have any animal byproducts or used animal testing and shine a light on a different way to create top beauty products that you can look and feel good wearing.

(Courtesy of Khari Barbie Beauty)

Do you believe becoming a mother has played a role in your business world?

Yes!  I believe becoming a mother has played a role in every in every aspect of my life. As far as in the business world it has helped me to become super focused on things that not only bring revenue, but also have longevity.  Before I had my daughter I was willing to take a lot more risks because it was just me.  Now I have someone else to worry about and not just her, but my grandkids and great-grandkids being secure as well.  So now it’s more about being strategic and planning, making sure everything is effective and I’m not just putting out product just to have them out.  It’s about doing testing and research and making sure they can stand the test of time.  It is time consuming and difficult to balance when you’re running a business, worrying about employees, recording an album, etc all still while being a full-time mom, and while it’s definitely challenging, it is also super rewarding knowing that you are doing it all for your child.

(Courtesy of Khari Barbie Beauty)

What advice would you give to those who want to start their own beauty line?

There are several ways you can do it.  You can make your own at home as I do with my hair-oil products, you can do work with a private label, or create your product using a manufacturer.  Really there are so many different way to do it, but one of the first things you need to do is determine your budget.  Whether you are using investors, your own money, a go-fund-me account, or whatever it might be, once you have a budget it puts everything else into perspective for what you can do.  You also definitely need to create a business plan.  You don’t even need to go to a professional to have it done, you can go online, or there are different apps you can use to create your business plan.  Here you can make your vision statement, put your projections, and really make sure you have a  clear idea of what you want to do and accomplish it.  Then you really need to focus on your marketing.  The beauty of social media these days is that it has become so huge that it really takes the place of television and print ads.  Know how you plan to advertise or market, and the more eyes you can get on your product the better.  Things like doing giveaways and reaching out to beauty bloggers is a really good way to get word-of-mouth out there.

What’s next for Khari Barbie Beauty?

In 2018, we have tons of product coming.  We are transitioning into a full beauty line, and will have illuminators, highlighters, glow kits.  A full line of hair-oil products, and our extra strength stimulating growth hair oil will be launching January 2018. It’s a hair miracle that helps to grow, re-grow, strengthen and heal your hair and scalp.  We also have a new line of foundations also coming.  We’re really big on the integrity of the product .  We tested several other foundations and the majority of them are super oily and greasy if you’re wearing them all day.  So we spent a lot of time testing these products and researching formulas that make your skin look and feel better. We’re really excited and looking forward to the new launch in 2018!

(CREDIT: Shane Russeck)

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