Many know the Ohio transplant, Texas living artist from her car freestyles on Instagram, which have been shared by the likes of Jill Scott and countless celebrities. Martina Marie is the homegirl that everyone wants to have because of her realness and infectious personality. No one likes fake things or ingenuine people. Marie’s passion can be felt in lyrics where she raps about the hurt she experienced with a past lover or life experiences.

These are things that everyone has experienced at least once. Not only that, but she divulges details that most would like to deny. Her ability to be candid about her parenting situation is something that every parent can relate to. They tried with all their might to make this relationship work despite the red flags that were shown previously. Instead of wallowing in the sadness of the failed relationship, Marie used her pain to fuel her creativity which became soul food to the masses.

After every heartbreak, there’s a period where you get your sexy back. Marie did this with her single “Daddy.” This is a very sensual record, to say the least! It’s the perfect track to play for “mister right now” or “bae.”

F.E.E.L.S is an album that’s perfect for wine down Wednesdays or whenever you want to vibe out. As an RnB head, I can appreciate all aspects of it. A good album needs to have your relaxing songs, a good heartbreak song, and then a piece that makes you want to text your ex. If the artist doesn’t make you want to do this, it’s a questionable body of work. It needs to touch you! Luckily, F.E.E.L.S has all these components for a nice RnB album.

To learn more about her, here are her socials: Instagram: @originalmartinamarie YouTube: Martina Marie on Spotify and Apple Music type in Martina Marie.