“Young Entrepreneur Taking Beauty to the Next Level With Finding the Precise Medium of Ingredients to Reach Perfect Combination for Your Skin!”

Ashley Howell is the CEO and founder of Bombay Beauty, the skincare product line changing how we look at our skin.

The entrepreneur dynamo’s trademark motto is “Skin is our Permanent Clothing.”

Howell says, we need to treat our body to the finer ingredients in life.

Bombay Beauty has been in the making for six years to ensure that the highest quality of skincare can be delivered directly to your doorstep.

During her pregnancy, the passionate licensed esthetician whipped together a body moisturizer to prevent her skin from stretching. After a few uses, she quickly realized that it was beneficial for the entire body, and that’s when she went to work.

“We do not realize how absorbent our bodies can be. Anything that is absorbed can be released into our bloodstream, which is why researching and mixing for years to find the precise medium of ingredients to attain the perfect combination for our skin,” Howell says.

Bombay’s #1 seller is the original Orange Velvet Body Balm Treatment that delivers long-lasting moisture. These batches are made weekly to ensure quality control and consistency.

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