Power couple and dynamic duo, Desi and Quise Wanderlove have made a career out of their travels. They have flown across the globe, gathering experiences to share with their audience on their YouTube channel, Desi & Quise Wanderlove. There, you can grab all the tips and tricks that the two have accumulated place after place. As a bonus, viewers get to see the incredible bond the couple have as they navigate their marriage and careers. The Wanderloves are goals in love and making the most out of your vacation.

Desiree Burns, the saucy half of the two, originated in Denver, but made her way over to Charlotte, North Carolina. She is used to being a global go-getter as she has been a flight attendant for over 9 years! However, she is not just a travel bug, but she is also an entrepreneur – the owner of successful Etsy baby shop, Olivia and Ivy Boutique. The businessman of the pair is Marquise Burns, owner of well known fedora shop, Burns Brims. Together, they operate under the premise that they will contribute positive influences to the Black community that will encourage them to try new places and emit pride in their melanin regardless.

The pandemic was a tough hurdle for the Burns when it came to their ability to travel. Venturing was stunted but they prevailed by alternating their routes and learning the new covid rules in each location. They have provided this information for their fellow travelers on their travel vlog via YouTube. Desiree has stated that even though she hasn’t faced too many hurdles along the way, she is grateful for her husband, Marquise, and his never-ending supply of optimism. Him, along with her mother, encourage her to be the best version of herself.

Always the busy bee, Desiree spends most of her time reading self-help books and cruising her current setting for the latest in cuisine. When she looks back at where she came from, she is overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment. Both Burns are hoping that the travel vlog will assist the Black community of all ages in getting out in the world and experiencing something new. They are hopeful that they can continue to expand and share more of their journey as the year progresses. The Desi & Quise Wanderlove can be followed on their YouTube channel and Instagram @desiandquise_wanderlove