Dr. Sarepta is the founder of Serenity Podiatric Concierge, & Author of My Serenity, My Health Journal, which is set to release in the Fall of this year. Dr. Sarepta is a first generational Haitian –American, raised by a single mother in the New Jersey community. She overcame cultural adversity by completing her undergraduate studies at Pace University in NYC with a major in Biology and minor in chemistry. Upon completing her undergraduate studies Dr. Sarepta went on to pursue and earn her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Degree in 2011, from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Sarepta then opened a private practice, Serenity Podiatric Concierge, in Atlanta, GA.

The company thrived on bringing the needs of their patients’ care directly to their home, with an understanding of the difficulty in patients with severe illness not being able to always travel to get medical treatments.  

In 2017, Dr. Sarepta also started an organization for minority professional women in Podiatry to have a home for resources, accountability partnership, and business building, from which the launch of “The Minority Women in Podiatry” was born. The purpose of the organization is to foster relationships, share business strategies and tips on entrepreneurship as well as practice management in the field of podiatry. Dr. Sarepta was then honored by the 21st Anniversary Network Journal “40 under 40” Achievement Awards in New York City.

Dr. Sarepta enjoys researching and exploring all aspects of health and wellness. She is a sought-after speaker and health and wellness contributor to various publications and magazines! Here’s what she shared during our recent interview.

What sparked your journey into the medical field?

For as long as I can remember I have always had an interest in medicine. My personality was always one of empathy and compassion. During my childhood, medical complications with various family members and watching them go through treatments, solidified my decision to enter the field of medicine. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, as I find complete joy and contentment in what I do.

In what ways are you helping to educate others on the importance of good health?

Education, I believe, is a key part of health and wellness maintenance, and even more important when trying to overcome health and wellness challenges. I firmly believe that when one thoroughly understands their health condition and ailment, they can better manage their disease and are more apt to be compliant with their treatment regimen. This provides for better health care outcomes. Education is a big part of my day to day practice, starting with the treatment of my individual patients. I make it a priority to ensure that each patient is not simply following treatment orders but in addition to this understands the reasons why I have prescribed certain regimens or have chosen specific diagnoses. Additionally, I founded Serenity Health Talks, where, through various outlets, I’ve been able to focus on ways to improve your health and wellness.

What are some dangers of eating foods containing preservatives?

Preservatives are chemicals added to foods, generally used to lengthen their shelve life. These chemicals include things like, nitrates, benzoates, and propyl gallates. Studies have shown that consuming these chemicals in large quantities can cause adverse health conditions. Increased rates of cancer, heart disease and increased hyperactivity in children have all been linked. Increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats are most health beneficial.

Tell me about your book, My Serenity, My Health Journal?

My Serenity, My Health, was birthed out of my desire to help people take charge and ownership of their health. In my experience, I’ve witnessed where people suffered negative health outcomes, not because they didn’t care about their health, but mostly because they did not understand. The management of multiple chronic health conditions can be overwhelming to many. I offer this book journal as a solution to that. It not only provides insight on ways to better manage ones’ health and maintain wellness, but it also serves as a take-along journal, where you can write questions you may have for your health provider and input results. It provides a place to organize your thoughts concerning your health.

As the founder of SPC, what makes your services stand out?

SPC’s services stand out for several reasons. The ways in which we approach patient care is the beginning. Extra attention is given to providing an individualized level of care. This is where the “concierge” aspect comes in. A personalized approach is taken for each individual patient ensuring that their health ailment is understood. This provides for better health outcomes.

What upcoming events do you have that we can look forward to?

Upcoming events include my next “Minority Women in Podiatry” in March, and Women’s’Conference in June that will focus on idea exchange, inspiration and galvanizing resources in order to grow the community.

What quotes do you live by daily?

“Your Health is Your Greatest Asset.” “Confidence perpetuates Beauty.” “Approach all with Serenity, and bliss in your Health will follow.”

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All images by Tyrone Myrick