It’s been said that “Good help is hard to find” and that “Women can’t come together without fighting and fussing!” Well, that definitely does not serve true when it comes to the amazing Dr. Toscha Dickerson and Maya Carroll. They have teamed up together and are making a big noise in the for/non-profit sectors! Living by the mantra #RealWomenDontCompeteTheyCollaborate has positioned them to be able to go on tour with their business, The New Nonprofit CEO Success Model Workshop. We had an opportunity to sit down with these financial guru’s, and here’s what they had to say about what they’re doing.

Please introduce yourselves.

Mya Carroll: My name is Maya Carroll. At my core, I am someone who understands the struggle and can relate with so many people due to the environment she grew up in.

Growing up in a domestic violence household watching your mom be abused by your stepfather and him abusing you and your brother, not having lights, water and gas at times, and watching my 16-year-old sister have a nervous breakdown, created a woman with drive, ambition, and determination.

Dr. Toscha Dickerson: I am a compassionate and caring person. I am very direct and rough around the edges but I have a heart of gold. I love empowering women and girls. Family means everything to me.

Mya Carroll

Why are you so passionate about helping others?

Mya Carroll: My love for helping others began at an early age. Having a brother with severe Cerebral Palsy, I would say was the beginning. He needed attention around the clock being blind and unable to do for himself, it was for us to help my mother care for him. Also, we would volunteer with the Special Olympics and I enjoyed every moment.

Growing up in a domestic violence household also led me to want to help women and children not endure what I went through. I saw how it affected my siblings and myself and knew it was a need to help this from affecting other women and especially the children. That’s when I founded Phoenix Women’s Outreach, Inc.

Dr. Toscha Dickerson: I am so passionate about helping others because I know how it feels when you need help and no one is there to provide services. I feel it is my purpose is to give back to others as God has blessed me to do so.

Tell us about your business that you have together?

Mya Carroll: The New Nonprofit CEO Success Model workshop is exclusively and intimately designed to educate dedicated Executive Directors, Founders, and Community Organizers on structuring their organizations for funding and sustainability. Our objective is to provide education, tools, resources, and step by step instructions on building a solid Nonprofit Organization from the ground up. Participants will learn how to move their community business idea from feasibility to sustainability. Our workshop offers a behind the scenes understanding of nonprofit organizational challenges, operations, and responsibility and importance to community impact. Each person will walk away from the workshop with completed 1023 forms, outline of effective mission and vision statements, program requirements, and developed marketing, content and financial strategy to drive fundraising and relationship building.

Dr. Toscha Dickerson

What’s next for Dr. Toscha Dickerson/Maya Carroll personally?

Mya Carroll: Personally for me, my next move is becoming a licensed Family and Marriage Therapist. I plan to achieve this goal in the next three years.

Dr. Toscha Dickerson: On a personal level, I would like to continue spending more time with my family and traveling as much as possible. I want to continue making an impact on the lives of women and teen girls by sharing my story and helping them along their journey.

What is next for your (personal) business/brand in 2019?

Mya Carroll: I would like to publish more books and speak internationally.

Dr. Toscha Dickerson: The CEO Success Model is a brand that will be nationally known by many. Our goal is to help as many business owners as we can to sustain their organization/company, so they are successful and understand there is a model to follow in managing any business.


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All images by Lyndsey Photography