Some people are upset about the title of the new reality show asking “Why does it have be called Black Love?” and “Why are we always looking for ways to separate races?”
Rather you like the name of the show or not- it’s definitely getting attention. The show follows five successful black women around NYC looking for love. Either in interracial relationships or with another woman, like many other thriving black women, these women have found career height but their love lives have fallen short.

Meet the beautiful cast members:
(From Left to Right)
Laree “LA” Thomas– a 35-year old travel consultant
Monet Bell– a 34 year old product developer formerly on Married at First Sight who recently ended her marriage with Vaughn Bell
Tennesha Wood– a 30-year old regional sales manager
Cynthia Branch– a 38-year old licensed social worker and life coach
Jahmil “Jae” Eady– a 26-year old web developer
On each episode, the women will attend workshops “on provocative themes related to love” and consult with relationships experts Damona Hoffman and Jack A. Daniels.
The show will be on FYI following Married at First Sight on Tuesdays at 10:15 pm. Will you be watching this season?