Mentor, filmmaker, and two-time author, King Kevin Dorival is a man you need to know! The man that wears multiple hats is admired by many for empowering both men and women through his words. King Kevin Dorival sat down with Sheen Magazine to discuss his second book, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire and his exciting plans in the future. Don’t miss this exclusive interview with King Kevin Dorival!

Tell us about a little about yourself.
My name is King Kevin Dorival, I am a mentor, inspirational speaker, filmmaker, and author of two books. My first book is called, The Courage to Believe which is an inspirational autobiography and my second book, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire, it is a compare/contrast of ancient queens with the women of today.

Do you mind giving insight into your second book, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire?
Many people know from social media that I am a tall, dark, and single, and ambitious young man so, I’m searching for my queen. I’m eagerly seeking to get married and start my family. I always get asked the question of what made me write the book. It actually came from heartbreak from a woman I was with for three and a half years. She broke my heart; I was ready to propose to her. When it came down to actually do it, she kind of chickened out and ended the relationship. I was already working on a relationship book and I used the content of the book to change the narrative a bit to focus on women. Men benefit from it though because you learn a lot about women and what makes them so important.

Michelle Obama sent you a letter due to being featured in your book, what was that moment like for you?
I was shocked by it! I wasn’t expecting it due to the fact of who she is. I always knew that I would include her while writing the book. I had to figure out which women I would feature although it covers a variety of different cultures, the emphasis is on black queens and there is a reason behind that. When I featured Michelle Obama in the book, a friend told me to try to write her a letter before she left the White House. At the time, the book wasn’t published yet. My book was released on July 17th, 2017 which is 07/17/17, I kept the sevens lined up. About six months later, I got a letter in the mail, by then she was out of the White House.

I was excited. Michelle Obama is the epitome of a queen, a mother, and what it means to be a leader. She inspires a lot of women and men as well. If there is one Michelle Obama out there, that means that there are many more. I’m looking for my Michelle Obama. So if anyone knows Michelle Obama, tell her I said hello and that I have a copy of the book waiting for her (laughs).

Why did you make it your personal mission to inspire women daily?
I’m an inspirational speaker and everything that I do is inspire people. As I was writing this book, I just realized how the media, especially on television and social media degraded women. It just wasn’t a good look and I remember this feeling in my soul. I wondered what the world was coming to. I felt like it was a calling for me as an author to change the narrative and give women, particularly young women something else to look forward to, a different standard.

The reason why I chose ancient queens to compare them to today’s women is to show the women of today what makes them so powerful and beautiful. The true crown of anyone, especially of a woman is not a headpiece. It’s the crown of your heart. That’s what makes you beautiful and a queen. Do you have the heart to serve the community? Do you have the heart to look out for others or is it just about you?

This book was created to gear both men and women, it will make you look at yourself and soul to see how you can things better.

What can we expect to see from Kevin Dorival in the future?

Great question! As a matter of fact, I am sitting in the studio office of a film producer. We are going over the script for our short film based on 7 Types of Queens, King’s Desire. We will be filming in October, auditions will be taking place September 8th and we’re going to use the crowdfunding to raise a fund to shoot a full fledged film. The short film will be used in a competition to support and bring awareness of me as a producer and filmmaker. I also have a documentary called, The Courage to Believe which is named after my first book and the name of my nonprofit. Those are two major things that I have coming up.

Let me not forget to tell you this! There have been so many comments on social media and in person. I am speaking at a women’s conference in Atlanta this Friday. I will be one of the presenters. I am currently writing 7 Types of Kings Queens, Desire.

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