It’s no secret that virtual existence is a developing technology and has been deemed “the next stage of shopping.” If you don’t know, the Metaverse is an immersive virtual world through the way of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets. The intended purpose is for users to collaborate, socialize and learn through a nonphysical realm. Through fashion, this new technology is being used in virtual dressing rooms, NFTs, digital garments, and fashion shows!

This new metaverse experience was presented by Evonya Easley in the big peach state, and the best way to describe the show was a “front row approach.” For better words, the oculus VR headsets really took the fashion show to the next level. Each attendant was presented with a designated oculus in a traditional fashion row seating.  So imagine your eyes being overtaken by a scenic view with pre-recorded models flaunting each garment giving a VIP front-row perspective.

With the help of her team of models and technology partner, Corey Reese, Evonya captured each designer/boutique uniquely right before our eyes. Not only were audiences immersed in a virtual presentation but what followed was a shopping experience where attendees could purchase and try on items. The afternoon was hosted by Tomeka Jones with performances by singer/songwriter BreAnna and the amazing Bankhead Violinist. Designers featured in the 3D show: Arelia’s Dream, Besida, Design Faze Boutique, House of Mijo, Nettie Nelson Designs, as well as designs from retail sponsor Bloomingdale’s.

“I think the future of fashion is headed to more experiences for people to have alternative ways to shop beyond brick and mortar and online. That of course involves technology and giving people easy and accessible ways to immerse themselves into tech without frustrating or being overwhelmed.” says show curator, Evonya.

Overall, I would rate the experience an 8 out of 10. I could definitely see more events like such taking place by incorporating digital 3D models and designs with true-to-life garment visualization.

Event Curator, Evonya Easley, and Technology Partner, Corey Reese (left to right)

Writer Taylar Broadnax and Sahara Beamon (left to right)

Tech Partner, Corey Reese

Photos Captured by Sheretta Danielle Photography and Recap Videography by Alexander Aperture