Since her college days, Michele Rothstein has been a balloon artist. Currently, she is the CEO of Balloons with a Twist and works at upscale events like charity events, art dinners, galas, and cocktail hours. She is an excellent example of following your passion and how having an open mind can pave your path to a fun and flexible self-employed business.

Michele grew up always knowing that she had an eye for business. When she was in junior high, instead of her parents giving her allowances, they bought her candies at the local Costco, and she would sell the candy bars for 50 cents and blow pops for 25 cents. In junior high, she made a hundred dollars a week, which amounted to $400 monthly. Michele would love the idea of figuring out the profit margin. Moreover, she also had her brother as a mentor. He previously worked in a plumbing store but later started his own company by the name of Fancy Faucets. He sold high-end bathtubs and toilets. Therefore, Michele kind of got her entrepreneurial spirit from her brother.

Later, while attending college at the University of California, San Diego, she had a part-time job making balloon animals at restaurants, which later converted into her full-time business in Las Vegas.

“When I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I told my mother that I was moving to Las Vegas to start a balloon company. It wasn’t what I had planned or what we had discussed previously, but my parents supported my decision. Six months after moving to Las Vegas, I bought my first home at 23 years old. Moving here was the best decision I ever made.”

When she first started her company, Balloons with a Twist, Michele would compare her small business to larger companies and get discouraged, but her mother’s advice helped her get through.

“My mother gave me the best advice. She said, “Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Just be the very best you can be. Give exceptional customer service and provide an excellent product, and you will succeed”. And she was right!”

The start-up costs were minimal, and Michele made a profit on the first day, so in reality, the risk was relatively low. She provided high-quality services to her customers and got positive feedback. With her consistent hard work and efforts, Michele was able to build a business of repeat clients gradually through word-of-mouth.

“I’m extremely proud of my extensive client list. I have been fortunate to provide services to celebrities such as Pink, Usher, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and The Kardashians. What I have learned is that if you stay consistent and go over and beyond for your clients, you will excel in your industry and be the go-to company. Balloons With A Twist has been in the winner circle from 2017-2022 for Best Event Planner for the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas.”

Michele’s fiancée is also in the same industry as her, the entertainment/event industry. Therefore, they are highly understanding and support each other’s careers.

“We each have an office in our home so we can work and spend time together. He travels a lot for work, and I join him as often as possible.”

She firmly believes that ‘you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’ and that we are impacted, motivated, and driven by our environment. Therefore, she believes having a network of individuals who support you throughout is essential.

“I have an amazing support network of strong, smart, independent women who can depend on each other in all aspects of our lives.”

Michele makes sure she takes time to exercise every day. In addition to exercise, she also does yoga regularly.

“When your mind, body, and spirit are in alignment and healthy, everything else in your life, including relationships and business, seem to fall into place.”

Michele’s advice to all the women aspiring to succeed in her field is that,

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Life is too short not to follow your dreams or take a risk. Surround yourself with successful women and learn from them.”


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Michele Rothstein