After having to raise her pageant fees through a “GoFundMe” account for a national campaign, Miss Black New Jersey 2017, Daphne Lee was certain she could accomplish her biggest dreams! Lee did just that when she snagged the title of Miss Black USA 2017 this past August. After winning her title, Daphne turned her focus to become an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. The professional ballet dancer launched the “Heart Truth Disease Campaign.” Daphne’s mother is currently living with Multiple Myeloma after 2 sets of chemotherapy. Daphne has a personal reason behind her second campaign for Multiple Myeloma. This professional ballerina is dancing her way through life’s storms and battles with ease and class! We talked about the reigning queen’s title and her advocacy for a healthy lifestyle.

What do you believe is the most rewarding part of holding the title as Miss Black USA 2017?

I feel like I’m different from other pageant queens; I’m a professional ballerina and a graduate student. I’m avoiding being a role model but its rewarding knowing I’m inspiring so many other women. I find joy in inspiring the next generation of women and leaders to be active in their communities.

Can you give us an insight on your life as a ballerina?

I never wanted to be a dancer. My mother was a dancer. It was just a activity on the side. It wasn’t until I was 18 when I took dance seriously. I realized that the ballet world lacked diversity. The company I dance for is, “Collage Dance Collective” in Memphis, Tennessee. I’m currently rehearsing for a 17 city tour. I can do other styles of dance as well. I’ve taken on this style of dance called ballet while still being my authentic self.

(CREDIT: Raphael Baker)

(CREDIT: Collage Dance)

What are the essentials for your Beauty Regimen and do you mind sharing your go to products?

I like to try different styles with my hair which is considered, 4C hair kinky. I use a deep condition creme every night. (ORS) I also use Olive Oil Styling Gel while often wearing the wash and go styles. In addition, blow drying my hair and a weekly wash and condition is a must!

How do you build your TRIBE?

Everyone’s situation may be different but you have to continue to link with people who will inspire you. Apply for Miss Black USA to be surrounded by sisterhood and community who will lift you up. People who aren’t afraid to go for their dreams and lift you up, your pastor,  teacher, family, your circle etc.


For more information on Miss Black USA – Daphne Lee, be sure to check out the website, Miss Black USA. You can also find more information on Daphne’s platform and pledge with Multiple Myeloma, here.

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