Ebonee Davis’s Tedx Talk from last February at the University of Nevada resurfaced on our timelines this weekend and it introduced an important aspect of the fashion industry that we should not forget: it’s lack of diversity. Though in recent seasons and campaigns, the fashion world has become more inclusive of models of color and of diverse backgrounds, the trek for these women and men has not been a simple journey. In her Tedx Talk (available below), Davis talks about the struggle of growing up black in America and the reception she has encountered as an African-American model in the industry. As a child, she resorted to media to give her a sense of identity and a boost of self confidence, but would come up short feeling inferior to the images of models on magazines and on TV.

She came into the spotlight last summer with her open letter to the fashion industry after the murder of Alton Sterling. In her letter, she stressed the significance that the media industry has to help change the perception of black people and makes the comparison that same mentality that excludes models of color from the fashion industry is the same one that leads black men and women to be killed in the streets of America today.

Ebonee Davis praises #BlackGirlMagic and believes it is the drive behind the creation of publications, series, and narratives that better fit the young women of color growing up in today’s society. Watch the full Tedx Talk below.

Photo obtained on Ebonee Davis’ official Instagram