When it comes to mixing beauty and brains The Knight Twins are the epitomes of this. Dr. Beverly Knight and Rebecca Knight, MSW are originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and their Southern roots has added to their unique look of sophistication meets urban chic. Many people suggested that they should venture into modeling in the midst of their academics. That sparked hosting opportunities, eye catching photo shoots with brands like Heat Free Hair, and working with Rachel Stewart’s jewelry brand bringing forth editorial worthy photos that set The Knight Twins apart as a brand. There interests are just as diverse as their look and they are seeking to work with corporate brands that support causes they are passionate about. We chatted about their quest to finding balance between their careers, modeling aspirations, and beauty must-haves.

What has been the most amazing part of modeling for you?

The most amazing part of modeling has been transforming in front of the camera and creating “magic” with the photographer. It’s seeing pictures of you circulating around the Internet and strangers asking “are you The Knight Twins?” It’s being able to express yourself creatively and find balance between the mundane professional world and creative modeling atmosphere. It’s the possibility of working with major brands.

How has it been for you balancing your established careers and modeling goals?

It’s been interesting, but fun at the same time. We really want people to know you can balance both and still go for your dreams. There are so many different things we want to do in both our careers and modeling, but we know it just takes balance.


What are causes that you are passionate about in your careers?

Beverly Knight: As for me, I enjoy focusing on a person’s overall physical health. I think it’s important that we take care of our bodies internally and externally.

Rebecca Knight: I have a great passion for sexual health awareness especially HIV awareness. We should be more conscious of our status and our partner’s status as well.

What has being natural meant to you?

Being natural has meant embracing the unknown, being strong in the face of adversity and being our true self. When we went natural 10 years ago it was far from popular. In fact, it was misunderstood and shocking to many. It meant losing friends and admirers. It meant adults saying, “You will never get married wearing your hair like that.” It meant getting stares everywhere you went. It was being bold to wear bantu knots in high school when it was popular to have long straight hair. It was a strengthening experience overall.


What’s been the key to maintaining your natural hair?

We really like to keep it simple and we’ve tried different brands, but products that have coconut oil are great. We like to keep it natural and simple as we can.

Dr. Beverly Knight is a practicing physical therapist and obtained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, which was also her and Rebecca’s undergraduate alma mater. Rebecca Knight has her Master’s in Social Work from North Carolina Central University and is currently a practicing social worker in Washington D.C.

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Photo Credit: Rachel Stewart Photography & Chris Charles of Creative Silence Photography