The bright, loving, and ever-so-talented Montanique Sutton is a woman who means business! A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she is a true pioneer who is about her city! She is a comedian, singer, radio host, and much more, proving that she is ready to take on all the things life has in store for her! Monei opens up to us and shares a few things many of her fans don’t know about her and why and how she has taken on so many different roles in life.

You are a woman of many hats! A model, singer, an actress, a fashion designer, philanthropist, radio host, and so much more! What made you want to tap into all of these different areas and how are you able to juggle it all with so much grace?

I started off modeling and then it went into acting. I’ve always been a singer, I sang gospel at church. I kind off jumped into everything based off of my personality. I have like 20 different personalities, that speaks up for being a Gemini (laughs). Everything that I do fits my personality or me. Now I am tapping into comedy. I am a full-time mom; I have three beautiful daughters, 20, 15, and 14-years-old. I have so many people in my life who believe in what I believe in. They are always encouraging me to keep going. It’s a passion I have, I feel like if you have a passion for what you do or for something that you love, you definitely have to do it!

You are adored by many of your fans, is there anything your fans don’t know about you?

I think one thing that my fans don’t know about me is that I suffered from ovarian cancer. I’m not ashamed anymore to talk about it. I would be sick doing different things, take a break, and jump right back out there even when I’m not supposed to. My fans know just about everything because I am very open!

What inspired the creation of your line, Curvalicious Couture Collection?

I came up with Curvalicious Couture Collection because I am a plus-size model. I felt like no one was taking time to create something sexy for the voluptuous, plus-size woman. I began doing different types of lingerie and saw that people like Lisa Rae and Coco Brown, Tiny Harris, and wore them and enjoyed them, it was great. The skinny people began getting jealous so we started creating sizes 0-24.

The whole Curvalicious Couture Collection was created so that people can be comfortable in their own skin, no matter what size they are. We just want you to look good in what you do! It’s something that makes you feel sexy not just on the outside but also within too!

Could you offer your best advice to our readers?

If I can encourage one woman to do anything, it would definitely be to just stay the course. Things may be hard but keep going in all that you do. This is my motto and I say this every chance I get. Fake is the new real. I don’t feel like I fit in so I tell people to be yourself because original is always in sync. You never want to be a copier of someone else. Have your own style and be confident within!

You’ve accomplished so much in your life thus far, is there anything else you hope to do? What can we expect to see from Monei Sutton in the future?

The one thing I want to accomplish more than anything on this road that I’m on is to have an Emmy, a Tony, and an Oscar award. I’m really working hard; I have two big series coming out soon. One is called ‘Atlanta Takedown’ and the other is called ‘Flip the Script.’ I really want people to see my acting and that I am taking it seriously. Look forward to seeing me on the big screen, I am ready for this.

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