Visionary Monique Greenwood decide to one day take a leap of faith from her corporate job to become the ultimate liaison for impeccable bed and breakfasts throughout the United States. As she hopes to leave a legacy behind for her daughter to inherit and treasure, Greenwood stays grounded in the fact that guest must always come first! Tastefully and tactfully, Monique Greenwood describes how exactly she became a pioneer in her own right!

“I was still loving my work but I wasn’t loving me.  I knew it was time to leave so that I would for once show up on my list of things to do. I really had to make that difficult decision about what I would let go. Once I had to make that decision, I ultimately decide to leave and focusing on creating and building my own business which would then be a legacy I could leave my only daughter.”

Monique stands firm in the fact that she will not defined by a title or a work description but as the content of her character.

“It was all the same life mission that I had I didn’t have any doubts about if I was walking away from a glamourous position or if anyone would still know my name. None of that because none of that really mattered to me.”

Be sure you don’t miss out on all of the fun of the Checked Inn on Own premiering on Tuesday, November 22 at 10 PM EST, Monique promises that the show will deliver nothing but greatest!

“I am really looking forward to showing viewers the ‘us’ that I know we are. I think that it’s going to show black love and challenges along with family and friends. In a way that we rarely see ourselves displayed in reality television. I hope that if only for an hour the viewer will feel that they’ve also had a little bit of a refresher, a little bit of relief from such a high pressure world. “

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Courtesy of OWN (Online)