So the New Year is long gone, but what about those workout resolutions? Have they stuck around? Did they last longer than 48 hours? Two weeks? If so, congratulations! And if not, don’t be discouraged. Some things take time and if working out for you hasn’t quite evolved beyond forcing yourself to go to the gym, eventually, it will become part of your lifestyle, and you’ll love it! We promise. So keep at it, and stay strong.

We sat down with Ty Smith from Bodied by Ty, the creator of the 21 Day Level Up Challenge and asked her advice about how to stay motivated.

Around springtime, everyone seems to lose sight of their new year’s goals, what are some simple ways to clean up bad eating habits?

Losing sight of your ultimate eating goal can seem easy after 3 or 4 months. Once you find yourself going back to your old eating habits one thing you can do is clean out your fridge and pantry! Swap those bad foods for healthy ones that you enjoy eating. Think about your eating before you eat it. Save a picture of a healthy meal as your screen saver on your phone! All of these things should reel you in and help you to focus on your meal.


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